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    Sci-fi, Nutrition(Vegan) ,Fitness(Gymnastics and Weights), Art(Louis Royo & Victoria Frances), Music(Within Temptation,Joan Jett,HIM,Florence and the Machine), Nature, Travelling and Cinema.
  1. 20,and although this section is supposed to be for 25 and older, I'm going to count myself in,because I was clear as a teen until I got acne until going on birth control...went downhill from there.
  2. I feel your pain! I started getting bad acne when I was 16 after going on implanon birth control. I`m 20 now and in the last 2 weeks I have developed really awful cystic acne. After coming off implanon I then went on yaz..then some bc injection. Now I`m back on yaz again because it was the implanon still being in my system that made everything else give me bad side effects. My androgens are very high so I need a bc with androgen blocking effects. The yaz doesnt seem to be clearing it up by it
  3. Hey ladol, Thanks I used to drink green tea but stopped because I stay clear of caffeinated products completely,due to redness. I will,hopefully I`l be brave enough to put up some makeup free before/after pics if all goes well.
  4. I love juicing! I usually have a baby spinach,blueberry,raspberry and banana or a spinach,celery,tomato and cayenne juice most days a week. The odd day I skip it when I`m too lazy to clean the blender from the previous day XD
  5. Hey people, I have struggled with acne since I was 11,so thats nearly 9 years now.I do still have what one would call active acne but its mild and I`m thankful for it being like this rather than what it was like. I started my vegan diet in January,my skin cleared up about 80%. I also started using a natural face wash (Tea tree and lemon based) and a natural moisturizer (Aloe vera and manuka honey) I have recently added rooibos tea into my diet and I can safely say that I think I`m on my way
  6. HiPpYcHiCK