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  1. dptbound44

    Day 10

    Wow. To sum it up.... Day 1: food poisoning, or sick from accutane...who can really say Day 3: Worst migraine of my life. Anytime I moved I got sick. HORRIBLE. Started putting chapstick on 24/7 and aquaphor. Aquaphor my face at night. Day 5: So hot, all the time! Day 6-8: keeping up on chapstick, advil at the hint of a headache when it happens, and still SUPER hot. Day 9: HOLY dry scalp, i comb it and it bleeds! I put neosporin and aquaphor on it at night. My face is now red, all the tim
  2. Wow, thats been my first week...pimples on my neck day 4 though... and now, day 10 a cankersore
  3. dptbound44

    Day 3

    Everyone vomits...
  4. dptbound44

    Day 3

    Well, on Monday I started Accutane. I am on 60mg, once a day. After the first month my dose will be adjusted to my weight...I am not sure how that works so if anyone has a chart or conversion method they use please let me know. Monday I was horribly sick at night. I took the Accutane with dinner, which was Chinese ( a rare occurrence). 5 hours later I could not stop vomiting. I believe it was the Chinese as I was fine yesterday with my meds. Side Effects: None really. My lips are al
  5. you are making so excited as I start on the 30th!
  6. Call your derm and talk to him or a nurse. He should be able to tell you when things should start lookin up. You need support and they should be the first/best ones to gve it to you.
  7. I have used aquaphor on my face in the winter for dryness for like wind burn....ONLY At NIGHT! lol. Thin layer all over, sleep, wake up with suple skin I promise! Its tooooo greasy to wear in the day but its ok for at night! Also, they have daily calming creme....which is gently and REALLY nice. LOVE IT! Right now I am still 10 days pre-accutane, so I put this on maybe 1-2x a week at night but my best friend has really dry skin and it works so good on him!
  8. I hope accutane works! You are going to be ten days ahead of me....Best of luck! You are a beautiful girl but I understand exactly how you feel...Keep your head up!
  9. Thanks! It is one of those things where for 2 years I have blamed my PCOS and hypothyroid...but now, blame doesn't matter, it doesn't get you anywhere. I have to push myself to the limit and not get frustrated as I have in the past.
  10. I am about to start my Accutance journey on the 30th! Acne is something I have been battling for about 12 years. It started around puberty and then only got worse. At 14 I was diagnosed with PCOS. PCOS only makes cystic acne more awful. My derm. has told me I will be on a six month course. I want to use this time to not only transform my skin, but also my body. I was an athlete in high school. PCOS did cause me to gain some weight but I lost it by cutting out added sugars and white flou
  11. So excited/nervous to start Accutane on the 30th!