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  1. avene soapless gel cleanser is good for oily skin and it really does help control oil as well as clean it off well.
  2. find another one. don't sleep with spf on your face lol
  3. Try Oilatum Natural repair face cream if your skin is dry.
  4. Don't use that on your face. I wouldn't suggest using any body lotion on your face. Don't use mineral oil on your face. It has no benefit and can aggravate acne. Use a humecdant based moisturiser (glycerin, hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol etc) This kind of moisturiser base will help dryness on the temporary level by smoothing over the dry skin but it cannot be absorbed in the same way that humecdants or natural oils can. If you use a good moisturiser without mineral oil, it will not only
  5. Toners in the original sense are obsolete but they have been replaced by a treatment stage instead. Toners are used for chemical exfoliation or hydration which is beneficial for the skin and they are not at all for removing makeup.
  6. No talc is good for your skin and no talc is safe. If you're going to use any powder, use silica based powder.
  7. Acid toners are absolutely fine twice a day. We're not talking chemical peels and chemical and physical exfoliation are very different things. Although, I only suggested using glycolic acid all over once a day. I said salicylic acid just on the area as a treatment, not to exfoliate the skin. You can use acid exfoliants twice a day as a toner or cream but obviously you would scrub your skin twice a day I use glycolic acid twice a day and also use lactic acid with it if I need it.
  8. I can't see them well enough in the picture to tell what they. Most people have clogged pores in this area which can be seen better when the skin is stretched so you might just have larger clogged pores. Milia are less common on the chin but obviously can occur. Wether it's milia or clogged pores, chemical exfoliation will help a lot. I'd suggest using glycolic acid every day and salicylic acid at night just on the area. If it still doesn't go away then go to a deem and they will remov
  9. toners are great for evening skin tone. Just get one with glycolic acid and try to get an alcohol free one so it's not drying. Pixi glow tonic is good. http://www.pixibeauty.co.uk/glow-tonic Paula's choice ones are good too.
  10. I can't use anything with talc because it breaks me out.
  11. Okay. Hazelnut oil is really good for stopping oiliness and clearing/preventing clogged pores! Saved my nose! and it cost me £4 from the supermarket. I would say nars sheer glow would probably work well for you (it's actually demi matte not glowy) or chanel vitalumiere aqua (its water based). if you wanted a cheap alternative to the sheer glow, revlon colour stay is quite good. I would personally just use a tiny bit of foundation where you need it and then a mineral powder over the t
  12. Actually I haven't heard about this tool until now, I'll head to the store ASAP and buy it! Thanks Alot You're welcome! Just follow the advice on paulaschoice.com because it teaches you how to use it properly :)
  13. honestly I wouldn't worry about oil free as most oils in makeup don't cause breakouts or irritation because they are usually non-comedogenic. Just check them on cosdna.com. What do are your skin concerns and what do you want to cover?
  14. Have you tried using a blackhead extractor tool or getting a facial with extractions?