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  1. Hi, im two days into my accutane treament of 10mg per day, anyway my question was that what should i use while on accutane as in facewash? I have noticed sone drying up of my skin occuring, i usually wash my face with a salyclic acid face wash but am noticing my face is getting redder and dryer. Would dove soap be a good alternative? I also take u cant use bp on this treatment as i had some spots which i applief bp to and unusually they have gone very dry and dark now indicating dead skin, how s
  2. hey just wondering did any of you guys get an ib for these low doses, im starting my cycle of 10mg every day for 3 months and would like to know if i would egt one or not. ty and wish me luck!
  3. Hey starting a low dose accuatne cycle of 10mg everyday for 3 months. just wondering if any others have experience with a dosage such as this and what i would expect? also wondering if a dosage a low as this would cause an inital breakout. thanks guys
  4. Hey guys, just got some doxy perscrbied from the doc, im to take 100mg ed. ive read a few posts on here and have seen people are getting inital breakouts. is this common with this product and will i defienetly get an inital break out? Cheers