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  1. I went to see a dermatologist once, but he gave me this medication that I had to apply topically. I had to mix color in with it to make it my skin color. I didn't even apply it once. It was too much of a hassle. I don't really see what a dermatologist could do for me, since they can't help so many other people. If this was something that I knoew that they could help me with I would go, but I know that all they can do is make it better, not cure it, and a cure is what I am looking for.
  2. Hey Dan, Well I used 2.5 % BP and it worked pretty good, but my face was very red because of it. And I know my skin won't get used to it, because I have been trying it for about a year now. I moisturized in the morning and in the evening, both time I would put on BP. I don't even do in water stuff anymore, because I think the pool water was not good for my skin, so I teach scuba diving and lifeguard, but do not teach kids how to swim. But I hate making concessions like this, because I feel lik
  3. Hey Frances, Well the problem is that I really don't think that my skin likes BP. I have tried it for a long time but it just doesn't work for me. Plus since I work as a swimming instructor and a scuba diving instructor, it gets washed away soon, and I can't reapply it all the time. What about this B5 thing. Is that worth a shot.
  4. Hello to everyone on the board here. I am a new member, and have joined to talk to someone who could understand what I am going through. I am getting depressed over the fact that I am 23, just turned 23 in fact, and I still have acne. I have had them since I was 13. That is 10 years. And they used to be pretty bad around the age of 15, and have not been since, but I still would say I have mild to moderate acne, depending on the day. I don't want anyone here to think I am shallow, but it real