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  1. Several media outlets are reporting that a new report by the (US) President's Cancer Panel will suggest increased measures to battle environmental toxins/carcinogens linked to cancer- ABC News NPR blog NYT op-ed
  2. Here's a handy calculator that a friend showed me
  3. alternativista, Excuse my ignorance if you've already answered this, but have you read The Dietary Cure for Acne? Would you recommend buying it? My local library doesnt carry it and it seems interesting. I'm interested in hyperkeratinization/hyperproliferation and digestion issues. Thanks.
  4. If you're going to do anything professional, the best value is to have get custom trays done at the dentist's office and then use the bleaching gel at home. I did the Zoom laser whitening and thought it was a waste of money with little effect. My roommate's sister is studying to be a dentist and she recommended to him getting the custom trays and then using the bleaching gel at home. Another friend does the trays/bleaching gel combo at home and his teeth look great.
  5. Great info. I've experimented with a lot of topicals and no matter how hard I try, my pores are always clogged in the next morning. If I'm understanding correctly, the only way to reduce these sebaceous filaments is to decrease sebum production which is easier said than done.
  6. This is a great post filled with tons of research! Are any of the original posters still around? I'd be curious to see if any of their theories panned out/what new research they have discovered!
  7. I think at least some of the blame lies with the consumer. Here is America, everyone wants a quick fix and results. I believe acne is caused by a multitude of reasons, chief among them diet and lifestyle. People these days are too impatient to make some of these changes and instead look for the magic pill. Look no further than companies trying to develop medications for obesity, a condition (for most people) caused by overeating and sedentary lifestyles. Yet, instead of implementing healthy chan
  8. I've taken Oxy-Powder before and just be sure not to have any intense activity planned and be near a bathroom. It's some powerful stuff!
  9. Thanks for all the advice guys. I'll hit up Trader Joes and let you know how things progress.
  10. THe pictures really show an awesome improvement! Especially for someone from Wisconsin
  11. How much $$$ did you spend buying the ingredients? Also, I had never heard of "Swiss chard" before. Did you buy that at your local chain grocery or did you have to go to a co-op/Trader Joes-type to get it?