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  1. good luck. Your skin doesn't look too bad, so I hope you have good improvements. thank you, the album will start this week when i get my batteries tomorrow for my camera. i want to capture any improvement and share it with you all, iv heard good things about using CP Serum + Exfol serum regulary. iv been trying to order the serums but i got a server error, ill try again tomorrow. thousands have viewed my pictures from the B5 progress, so i hope i helped a few people!! but even wi
  2. Hi, iv been on this message board for years now, still fighting the same old battle. Iv had acne for years and iv tried everything, u know the story.....From egg yolks, scrubs and toners, tanning salons, facials, dans regimen to accutane and vitamin B5 + 100's of other fixes. iv done it all. you probably have too. iv had the depression, the low self esteem, the stress and all the lovely things that come with this horrible disorder. but im still fighting, and im still here so to the point,
  3. similar thing has happend to me, ever since taking accutane i have been more prone to scarring and my healing abilitiys and skin moisture decreased bigtime. then my oily skin returned with mild acne, which left me with new scarring. i have crators all over my cheeks. when i get a zit on my cheek, i know that its going to leave a redmark and an indented crator. it can happen anyday, at any time, no matter how inflammed it is. if only people knew how much we suffer
  4. is it possible to for your skin to tan again after tca ?
  5. hi, id like to know what people think of the vitamin B5 brands out there, or what brand has given the best results. im currently taking acnemiracle's brand but i wish to change just to see if i can reduce my oil production even more (and acne). it works, but i wonder if there are any other brands that would work better! this thread will help alot of people, please share your experience and opinion!
  6. im 21 with acne and Iv taken accutane in the past and it cleared me 100%. but my acne returned about 8 months later. So Im taking vitamin B5 and have been doing so for a year now. it took me around 5 months to get 95% clear on B5, then i went to maintainence dose and broke out. So im back to taking B5 at 10grams a day along with a multivitamin and some Flax Seed Oil (this helps!). im 90% clear at the moment but i still breakout weekly. i want to be clear like i was on accutane and i dont wan
  7. accutane made my scarring look pretty bad, but after 6 months to a year it looked alot better
  8. accutane has made my skin so fragile that any little white head that i got on accutane, or even 2 years after accutane leaves a small crator. i didnt have this problem before accutane. however, it doesnt happen to everyone. Dan for example.
  9. it depends on the type of scarring, really shallow scars have been known to fade by themselves over a period of time, but this can take months to years
  10. Youre beautiful and your skin is nothing to worry about
  11. Heres the link!!! http://acne.org/gallery/view_photo.php?set...nB5&id=scarring
  12. My right side is worse, but the picture didnt turn out. ill get better pics soon what do you guys think? i scar too easy for invasive treatments, what can i do?