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  1. I think this might be stopping me from going to sleep. I started this in the summer when there was no school so maybe I didn't notice it then, I can't remember really, but I applied it tonight after a long exhausting day and couldn't fall asleep. I felt like I would after taking caffiene basically. I know caffiene can asborb through the skin and this has tons of caffiene...so I hate to say it, this might be keeping me up at night. Anyone else have this problem? I applied it about another before
  2. What foods should I take my cod liver oil with? Fats I'm assuming but should it be with a certain kind of fat?
  3. I bought some "digestive enzymes" from the store today, are these the same as the stuff you guys are using? It contains these things: Lipase Amylase Protease Amylogloucosidase Cellulase Hemicellulase Lactase
  4. Why not just follow the original post? It's kind of annoying seeing all the people posting here saying how they're going to do this except completely different without even trying the OP first.
  5. Yeah I might just not apply anything. But what do you use to exfoliate? I've heard papaya is a good natural exfoliator.
  6. That's some good advice man, not picking definitely helps your skin. I also recommend not smearing feces all over your face since that can cause break outs.
  7. it depends on how pale you really are - the white tea is definitely less pigmented than green tea. I thought about applying it first thing in the morning and then leaving it on for an hour until I shower but I'm not sure if that would have any effect. I also run first thing in the morning so does anyone know if sweat and toner would be a bad combination? onefatalgoose, is there anything you can recommend for mornings?
  8. I'd also like to know what other people are using to exfoliate. I had been using an AHA based exfoliant but it was part of a gift and I've found out it's super expensive so I don't think I'll be buying myself all the time! I've heard people mention baking soda as an exfoliant but whenever I've tried it It's been rather irritating. If I remember correctly - this toner had been working really well for your skin right? How's it going for you know? I pretty much don't get new pimples anymore, I
  9. Fuck this vinager stuff why not just use lemon juice to lower the PH? And what do you guys do to exfoliate on this? I haven't exfoliated once since starting this but I think it's time.
  10. No seems like you've used loads of chemicals and shit he will just prescribe more. Use the green tea toner it's back on like page 2
  11. I guarantee you don't need that shit, anti depressants are horrible for you and only like 0.1% of people who get prescriped them truly need them. D
  12. pretty sure it's a laxative so prepare your anus.
  13. I thought nuts were bad for digestion in genral which had a negative effect on acne? So can I eat them if I don't have an intolerance? Bulking would be so much easier if I could spam things like peanuts and almonds.
  14. I think acne is just a unique disease that can be caused by a lot of different things so there is never one definitive answer. Unlike the health industry (the sickness industry) there's zero goverment involvement in the acne industry so it's truly a free market meaning they can't shut out cures by passing regulations and giving monopolies to big companies like they do with the healthy industry. I might be wrong about it being a free market though, now that I think about it the FDA probably has
  15. I'm exactly the same as you, I'm trying to bulk up and I'm a hard gainer so I need like 4000 calories. Check out my "critique my diet" thread for ideas, basically just spam things like salmon, eggs and avocado and eat low-GI things for your carbs.