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  1. Is there any explanation for why, any time I get a breakout on one side of my face (cheek, temple, or jaw line.) instantly another one appears in the same area on the opposite side of my face. I don't understand it!
  2. Neve


    So here we are. Almost two years I've been apart of the Acne.org communtiy and I still haven't found my turning point. There have definitely been some ups, and obviously some downs. I really thought I was starting to understand my skin though. I thought I knew what worked on it, and what didn't. I thought I was following the rules. But now I just don't know anymore. My skin has gone from being oily and getting random, unpredicable breakouts all over my face. To becoming more dry and senitive, bu
  3. Neve

    How I Love My Acne

    As the active pimples become less and less often, I have uncovered a beautiful array of scars marking my skin. Even the tiniest zit leaves a deep red/purple/brown splotch that refuses to go away. This has brought back the ever so pleasant 20-min. Make-up layering ordeal. But although I don't have the confidence to face the world with my patchwork colored face, I have defiantly found reasons to LOVE my acne. My acne has allowed me to understand people a lot better. I have never faced any real
  4. With getting back into the gym, I have began to break out more than usual on my forehead. I believe it is a result of sweating while I workout and not being able to remove the sweat for 45 min. - 1 hr. after training. Are there any suggestions on what the best way to approach this problem is!?!? Thanks, Neve
  5. Neve

    Help! Dry Lips!

    I have had some pretty awful experiences with dry chapped lips. I find using a LOT of vaseline all over my lips has worked the most effectively. Even pile it on before you go to sleep. Hope this helps
  6. Neve


    I am digging deep to understand my acne. I want to know what happens, why it happens and how I can prevent it. But everywhere I go I learn something else. Basicly I think I understand that my pores become filled with, dirt, oil, bacteria, etc. But it's when they become blocked by excess skin cells that results in pimples forming. Now if that's true the cure should be to remove the clogging skin cells while be gentle enough not to disturb currently active acne. I really support Dan and acne.org b
  7. Neve

    Cheating. Why?

    I went into my clear skin journey on a mission, clear skin. So why would I make it harder for myself. I am so desperate to feel good about myself that I thought I could cheat my way to clear skin! NO NO NO, I need to cut my toner and I need to start waiting the appropriate time between steps, and I need to cut the facemasks. As I read the success stories the people with the best results were the ones who followed the Regimen exactly. I have to be honest with myself, I haven't. I also said I woul
  8. Neve

    Week One - In Review

    Well I guess my first week is over, if you can call it that. I made a promise to myself that I am never going to feel like this again. I'm tired of being afraid of my reflection. This week hasn't been outstandingly different than any others. Some days I see progress in my skin, others I wan't to cry over what it's become. Either way I'm working toward being permanently clear! I learnt that weekdays are easier than evenings and weekends. Even though I face more people in my day-to-day week lif
  9. Neve

    Why I Have Acne.

    If only being positive would bring clear skin But with each day I come a little bit closer, thanks for the support.
  10. Neve

    Update, Vitamin B5

    You can do this, just try and look forward.
  11. Neve

    Why I Have Acne.

    I don't really like to hear about acne history. It's a past that speaking about won't change, but I understand that for some people it helps them understand what they need to do now to avoid blemishes. I don't think it works that way for me. I don't know why I have acne. I come from a very tiny school of only about 300 students, of those my class has about 20 kids, of those I have a circle of about seven close friends, of those people only one person has acne, myself. I screwed myself about a
  12. Neve

    My Parents Blame Me For My Acne

    I understand where you're coming from. No one in my family has acne like me, but they try to be supportive. It is really difficult though when they look at me and say "oh your poor face." as if I am doing this to myself. Just undrstand that no matter what they say you don't have to let it affect you. If you're strong and consistant you'll be able to let your skin speak for itself. Until then keep your head up, keep washing, and remember acne.org is always here for support!
  13. Neve


    Use Recommended products only Keep hair off of skin Keep hands off of skin Wash hands before touching skin Change pillowcases daily Eat a clean, natural diet Use makeup wipes after sweating and between washes Avoid makeup Wash cheast and back everyday!! Keep things clean and organized Wear loose/light clothing Avoid anything rubbing/irritating skin Where sunscreen DRINK LOTS OF WATER Exfoliate weekly Be gentle on skin
  14. Neve

    The Required First, Awkward Blog Entry

    Thank-you for your comment, it means a lot knowing someone has taken time to read what I've written. I wish you the best on getting to where you want to be.
  15. Neve

    Finally, Clear Skin! Day 124 *warning-Pics Of My Face

    Good for you, be proud of making it so far! If you don't have sensative skin I find lemon juice works very well for lightening scars but it can be very drying. If you want to try it mix the lemon juice with water to start and just apply it to your skin. Then eventually work up to straight lemon juice and you should see improvement in several weeks. Make sure you have a good moisturizer though!