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Hello everybody(:

I began on this website just for the ability to post semi anonymously about my embarrassing acne problems. Now, I have an about me, so that's a few steps more than I expected to take.

So, let's talk about my skin.


Well, basically, I began having acne in 6th grade. Mostly on my forehead, really bad on my forehead. Once, I remember a kid said "why don't you try proactiv?" and I was like "am I seriously going to have to start worrying about my appearance at 11 years old?"

So, 7th grade the acne kinda went away, and by 8th grade my skin was really lovely (which I think attributed to such a great year!)

Then HIGH SCHOOL BEGAN. I remember on either my first day freshman or sophomore year, I had a huge zit on my chin. I thought that only happened in films. Nope. However, I remember being relatively clear freshman year.

Then sophomore year...some sort of awful thing happened...i broke out alot. It also wasn't the type of breakouts that just went away, they left red blotches all over my cheeks and chin. I was horrified, depressed, embarrassed, disgusted and for the first time in my life...I began using foundation. I hated it. I hated using makeup. I felt cakey and shameful, and I was hoping it'd be temporary, that by junior year I'd be clear.

However, I wasn't, I was stressed from AP classes and from an awful, awful, awful relationship with a boy who I LUCKILY don't speak to anymore. So my skin remained plastered with foundation while I was on monodox and using Aczone and Ziana. Unfortunately, those had little changes on my skin.

So this is the summer going into senior year, I plan on having my skin clear and not wearing foundation and actually having the courage to leave my house. It's a goal I am making, and I am going to make it happen.

I suppose this profile is here while I take my journey to clear skin. (: