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  1. Still staying consistent with my skin routine and I am still clear. I love it.
  2. I hope you get your shipment soon. Saw palmetto has been doing great things for my skin when I take it consistently!
  3. I had a tiny breakout that quickly went away last week. I have been using his regimen for a little over 5 weeks and I say that I see a 90% improvement of my skin. I hope to continue the amazing results!
  4. Yes, if you are not carful you will have an acid burn on your skin. If you are new to using chemical peels, I highly recommend starting at a much lower dose, like 30-40%, and increase and you see fit. There are plenty of instructions online, so I would do more in depth research when you have some free time.
  5. Day 29 Update: I am going to starting updating once a week since my updates seems to be quite repetitive. My skin is staying clear and I am happy. I will let you know when things change for the better or worse. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Day 25 Update: Skin is staying totally clear which is amazing. I am so happy with the results of my experiment for far. Before trying saw palmetto I didn't think it was possible to have clear skin without Benzoyl Peroxide or Accutane. If things stay clear for 2-3 months, I will be a firm believer. I have the clay mask on right now and I can feel it pulling out the impurities in my skin. This mask is amazing. I use it once or week or if I neglected my skin.
  7. thereisalwayshope



    I have had clear skin since I started taking 320mg BID standardized (Vitamin world brand). It is amazing.
  8. pro-vocation - thank so so much for your post. I really appreciate it! And I have actually been looking into miceller water, but I just have not been able to find anything with ingredients that are worth putting on my face. I am also moving slow to add new products to my skin care routine. Nothing I use at this time seems to be clogging my pores thank goodness. Day 22 Update: My skin feels amazing. I am loving my skin care routine. I was using the clay mask every 2-3 days, but now use it o
  9. Day 20 Update: I have been acne free for the last several days. I am so happy that my skin is staying clear without the intense drying effects of benzoyl peroxide. I will do another salicylic acid peel tonight!
  10. Day 16 Update: Things seem to be looking good. I have a blackhead that turned into a small pimple yesterday, but it is already drying out. Otherwise, things are good. I started using organic pure organ oil as a moisturizer today and I just hope that I don't break out from it. I forgot to take saw palmetto today. Darn. That's what I hate about taking supplements.
  11. I have also started taking saw palmetto extract (320mg BID) about two weeks ago. I have not been diagnosed with PCOS or elevated testosterone either but feel that my acne my be related to my hormones. I hope it works out for us By the way, the Aveeno ultra calming moisturizer that you are using has comedogenic ingredients (can clog pores causing acne). Watch out for those ingredients in moisturizers!
  12. Day 11 update. I have since stopped using the hydroquonine and I am waiting my breakout to go away. Nothing new to report.
  13. So it is still day 8. I am having an issue. I am breaking out in these tiny tiny tiny pimples all over my face. I haven't had breakouts on the forehead for 3-4 years and I am now having a break out there as well. The only new product I am using is the hydroquonine. I am upset because it is doing a fantastic job fading my spots but it seems to cause breakouts. I hate my skin. Story of my life.
  14. I am happy you found a solution. So if you have a hairy face as a female, does that mean you could have PCOS? I have always had tons of peach fuzz on my face, in fact I am a pretty hair gal lol. Thanks for any advice
  15. Day 8 Update: I did a chemical peel last night using salicylic acid 20%, glycolic acid 40%, and lactic acid (60%?) because my face was looking dull. This morning my face looks much better but I still have 2-3 healing baby zits on my jaw line. I plan on using the clay mask tonight, I just hope it's not going to suck out every ounce of moisture. My brown/red spots seem to be fading at a pretty rapid rate. I am very happy about this because I've had the same hyperpigmentation for the last 3+years,