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  1. I've had this pimple under the skin on my cheek for several weeks now, and it is really red and already is a dark mark. It's not the small kind, its sort of wide like a cyst. When you look at it you can't see anything, but when I touch it (with clean hands) I can feel it is slightly raised and feels sensitive. Because of this, the redness in that area is not going away and I have no idea how to get rid of this. Btw, I don't use any products for my acne, except exfoliating twice a day with an
  2. i usto be really stressed out by my acne and red marks, i used BP for acne and ACV for red marks (ACV did not work), in the end i got sick and tired of being so botherd by it all and stopped treating it all together, i still occasionally get spots and they often leave a red mark and i wish it did not , but it is not too bad and these days i just try and forget about it and get on with my life. BP makes ur dark marks last longer and make them darker. this happened to me, and in my experience ACV
  3. same first forehead, then at 15 years old cheeks, temples and jaw :C but i stopped getting it on my forehead i'm also wondering why this happens? im guessing different hormones as one goes through puberty?
  4. a lot of people have their marks last longer than 3 months from BP. I'm a case of this, my marks are lasting 6 months or more because I put BP on them, but now i've stopped and the marks are less severe. what this guy is saying might be true, but some people just have long lasting marks from BP EDIT: I continued watching the video, and I wanted to say that I usually keep my tan throughout winter (I live in Canada so winter is like 5 months), and I'm significantly tanner than my family the w
  5. I been using ACV for about a month now and it faded my acne marks about 40% and I'm just wondering how long you been using it. And would it still be effective if I keep on using it for another 2 months? I've been using ACV since early July this year. Lately, I've been using it less because it's been less effective. I have to say that it has faded (maybe from time too) 90% of my old marks (6 month old marks), but it doesn't seem to affect my new marks. Because of this, I might use chemic
  6. Recently, I put baking soda on a pimple on my cheek, and it turned into a mark. Is this just a coincidence? I haven't touched the pimple otherwise with any products, just exfoliating regularly.
  7. benzoyl peroxide makes ur marks last longer and will make them darker. DO NOT USE BENZOYL PEROXIDE. i've used it, and it made my marks darker. when i stopped, the marks leftover were either non-existent or faded quicker EDIT: google it if you want
  8. i've used ACV over the summer. 9/10. it faded a lot of my old marks (6 months old), but you have to keep adding to the concentration for it to be effective. however, eventually, your skin just gets used to it and it doesn't work anymore
  9. alright thanks guys C: i might use home chemical peels later on
  10. Hi, I've been using ACV for my marks since the beginning of summer, and I started with a 1:1 concentration of ACV. I eventually added more and more ACV as my skin got used to used to the previous concentration. Now, I've stopped because I dont want my skin to become immune to ACV. :C I don't feel the burning sensation I've felt previously, and I've noticed that it is not as effective. If I stop using ACV for a while and start again at a later date, do you think my skin will be more sensitive
  11. have you put BP on it? cause BP makes marks last longer
  12. yeah, BP is horrible for PIH. any advice on how to deal with this from your experience?
  13. Yes, that's what happened to me too when I was using a BP spot treatment. However, once my skin stopped getting dry and peeled from it, the marks seemed to last forever, and are really dark. I exfoliate regularly and they don't seem to be fading, which is really depressing . Now, I don't put ANY BP on my acne, and they don't leave marks. Or if they do, they fade quickly. Dark marks have made me REALLY depressed, and now I know the cause of mine, looking back I would have never used BP. Look in