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  1. Pumpercrib

    5 years acne free. My Regime!

    Possibly but if I start to slip on the other steps then i do see small breakouts as my isotretinoin is such a low dose, so I feel the other steps help the isotretinoin to do its job as effectively as possible :).
  2. Pumpercrib

    5 years acne free. My Regime!

    I have posted on this site a few times but never actually posted my regime. I am a 29 year old male and had severe acne in the past but have now been acne clear for about 5 years (give or take a few small breakouts) so just wanted to share with everyone how I managed to do this to hopefully help others. I have been on three full rounds of Isotretinoin (accutane) which always worked but my acne always eventually came back after 6 months/year, so after the third time i though i would take matte
  3. Pumpercrib

    I’ve had acne for 16 years even after 2 rounds roaccutane

    when I started I was on 10mg/day then I moved down to 10mg/every other day now I'm roughly on 20/30mg per week (2 or 3 10mg tablets a week)
  4. Pumpercrib

    I’ve had acne for 16 years even after 2 rounds roaccutane

    Well not sure where you are from but I'm in the UK where it seems to be slightly easier to get prescribed a low dose compaired to America. Also being male is easier as females have to be careful when it comes to pregnancy.
  5. Pumpercrib

    I’ve had acne for 16 years even after 2 rounds roaccutane

    I have had three rounds of roaccutane and tried every product under the sun. I have finally had success with long term low dose roaccutane. Would that be an option?
  6. Pumpercrib

    Long term low dose isotretinoin (accutane)

    hey, 5 full treatments is a lot! I have had great success with my long term low dose and the way I look at it, if I hadn't went onto a low dose regime and ended up taking another round of 'high dose treatment' I would have been taking 60 or 80mg every day for around 5-6 months, where as now I am only taking 20/30mg a week with the same results. I would have to be on my low dose for around 7-8 years to even come close to a 'full high dose' round of Accutane! I have researched it a lot as well a
  7. I have posted about this a few times on this site but never my own thread about it. I am now almost 29 and have had stubborn cystic acne since about 14/15. Before i took my first course of roaccutane when i was 18, my life was a mess. Acne had well and truly ruined my life as I'm sure a lot of you can relate. The roaccutane completely cleared me however my acne came back after a year or so and so ended up going on another course of roaccutane. Again my skin stayed clear for aroud a year but o
  8. @Thetwald i know how you feel man. I'm 28 and had acne since I was about 14. The only thing that has ever cleared my skin is roaccutane. I have been on three full courses but like you my acne is resistant and always returns. I decided to take matters into my own hands and take a very small dose of roaccutane weekly for long term and It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made because it had none of the side effects but still seemed to keep the acne away. However the emotional and p
  9. I'm a 28 year old male and this is how acne has affected my mental health. Iv had three 'full rounds' of roaccutane since I started suffering from acne at around 15. When my acne got severe when I was around 18 I developed an anxiety disorder because of it. All day every day all could think about was my skin, couldn't look in mirrors, couldn't make eye contact, missed so many nights out with friends, waking up and feeling more cysts and crying, not being able to concentrate on studies, phobia
  10. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced what I have after they have finally became acne clear? I used to have pretty severe acne on my face but after a few rounds of accutane I have been acne free for a few years now although left with some scarring on my cheeks, however I still get periods where I get this overwhelming fear and anxiety of my acne returning. This is worst in the morning when I wake up and I have that anxiety feeling in my stomach and I have this fear of looking in
  11. Pumpercrib

    Ultra Low Dose Accutane Experiment

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply, not been on in a while. Well I would say it depends what your acne is like to start with? If it's pretty bad or aggressive to start with then you may not see much of a difference for a long time with 20mg/week. If it's fairly light/moderate acne then 20mg/ might be enough to keep it at bay. I must say I'm not a doctor so can't give you conclusive answers, but this is just from my experience. I would say start slightly higher and if you feel it's too much you can alw
  12. Pumpercrib

    Ultra Low Dose Accutane Experiment

    Hey guys! Just thought I would post a wee update about my low dose accutane regime. I have now been on a low dose for about 1 year, 8 months. Started on 70mg/week dropping to 40mg/week then 30mg/week and am now on about 20mg/week. Basically it has worked brilliantly and kept my acne at bay for pretty much the whole time. No side effects to note except from chapped lips now and again. However due to some personal issues causing me stress I have recently broke out for the first time in about a yea
  13. Pumpercrib

    Ultra Low Dose Accutane Experiment

    Hey, thanks! Hopefully it works as well for you to. I do still drink alcohol occasionally, but what I usually do is if I know I am going to be drinking alcohol that night then I will not take any accutane that day, even if it falls on a day im due to take it. never had any bad experience so seems to be ok!
  14. Pumpercrib

    Ultra Low Dose Accutane Experiment

    Hey guys, not been on this thread or even the website is soo long so thought I would just do a wee update. It has been almost a year since I started my low dose accutane regime. I started on 10mg/day, then after a few months dropped that down to 10mg every second day and now I take 10mg every third day (about 30mg/week). All I can say is it has worked wonders. I have been acne free the whole year, with only the occasional spot (probs about 3/4 the whole year). Basically I have normal skin now
  15. Pumpercrib

    Ultra Low Dose Accutane Experiment

    Good luck yunchang! I'm sure one day I will come of my low dose accutane regime as well but for now im going to stick with it. Let us know how you get on with the tretinoin and if you ever consider going back on your accutane regime.