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  1. Excellent investment for your skin!

    I purchased my Clarisonic Plus back in June 2010. Almost 5 years later, it's still going strong, and I can't imagine not having it in my skin care regimen! I purchased the Plus because it also comes with a body brush (which I hardly use, but I figured it's good to have in case I'd want to use it sometimes). There are different brush heads for the face. I've found that Normal is too harsh, but Sensitive is good. I've also used Deep Pore and Acne, and they both work fine. Granted, for the pa
  2. Can chemically burn skin if used on large areas

    I've used this as a spot treatment in the past, undiluted (which is not recommended), and while the skin did dry out a bit, I never had any problems. The pimple cleared within a day or two used this way. However, last night I put tea tree oil on a cotton pad, with some water (apparently not enough to sufficiently dilute it), taped it onto my face with some medical tape, and went to sleep. I used a whole cotton pad because I had several pimples on one part of my face that I wanted to treat. I
  3. I currently use Cetaphil gentle cleanser but saw Simple refreshing facial wash gel in the store and wonder if it would be appropriate for use with the acne.org regimen. Has anyone here used it? Here are the ingredients: Water (Aqua, Eau), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Panthenol, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate I have a trial size tube at home that I use sometimes and I haven't noticed any problems with it, but then again I don't use it o
  4. I use a green color corrector from Everyday Minerals. it's a loose mineral powder that I just apply on the red patches with a kabuki brush.
  5. yes, I had been using that in rotation with the Neutrogena On the Spot in my first few weeks of the regimen. it's much less drying than the Neutrogena, but in my opinion, not as effective. I guess that's because it also has moisturizing ingredients. however, I got a lot of use out of it when the Neutrogena left my skin super dry and irritated :\
  6. I don't know anything about the Aveeno products, but I believe that Purpose (or any store brand equivalent) should be fine. I'm currently using the CVS brand version of Cetaphil gentle cleanser and it works well for me. I had been using Neutrogena On the Spot and it made my face feel quite dry. since it runs out so fast the way it's used on the regimen, feel free to get the CVS brand. it's cheaper, plus it often goes on BOGO50%. or better yet, you could just buy Dan's BP treatment. I did o
  7. hi, I've noticed more of this happening to me lately and I think I've figured out why. it only started becoming a real problem after my third week or so, most likely because I started using more BP than I was previously. the BP doesn't cause that strange "peeling" until the moisturizer is applied. I don't know if it's the rubbing action on the face or just an ingredient in the moisturizer that causes some of the product to come off. I just finished my Neutrogena On the Spot treatment and hop
  8. wow, what a journey! I noticed that all the stuff you were using before Accutane must have been making your skin very dry and irritated. you gave me the idea to start taking a potassium supplement, not so much for my skin but for my occasional muscle soreness from exercising.
  9. I use a wet washcloth and gently rub my face using a circular motion.
  10. haha, if I get a sunburn, my skin will eventually tan. I think it's the same process with the benzoyl peroxide. I feel like its initial contact with the skin gives it a mild chemical burn. just like with a sunburn, I think your "tan" will eventually fade as your skin gets accustomed to the benzoyl peroxide.
  11. that happens to me too. I always thought it was excess skin coming off maybe I wasn't waiting long enough after putting on the BP to apply moisturizer. but I can't help it because my face gets so dry
  12. I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser and it works quite well for me. I'm not sure what products are easily obtainable in the UK, but you could also use the Purpose cleanser, or the Clean & Clear foaming cleanser. the oil-free one is supposed to be good but the sensitive skin one is even better for acne.org regimen, I'd say. (at least, my skin got quite sensitive from using BP.)
  13. thank you for the thread! I'm just wondering if it's ok if I switched my BP treatment from Neutrogena On the Spot to a generic of Proactiv repairing lotion (from Walmart). the Neutrogena was drying out my skin and making it extremely irritated and red. the Proactiv knockoff gives just a tiny bit of stinging but it fades within 10-15 minutes, and is much gentler. I hope it's still effective as a BP treatment! I still follow with my usual moisturizer.
  14. I just finished my first week of the regimen, and I've been using Neutrogena On the Spot as my benzoyl peroxide treatment, until now. I'm not sure if it's just because I may have started applying too much too soon, but the On the Spot treatment really irritated my skin. even when I tried using less, yesterday my skin felt like it was on FIRE! even applying a ton of moisturizer (aloe vera and glycerin) didn't help. I had to wash it off with my soap. I also had been using the Cetaphil gentle
  15. Do you use the gel benzoyl peroxide? the one I use is in cream form and dries fast. I think Dan says on the Regimen page to moisturize 5 minutes after applying a cream BP. even though I used to have oily skin, now it's been rather dry. I could definitely not wait until later in the day to moisturize! :o