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  1. Now I know that Accutane works in a much different way than the topical Epiduo, but many people have seen dramatic results in months of using the medication after having tried many others such as Retin-A and Differin. Should Epiduo be considered a medication that works just as well as Accutane without the harsh, lifetime side effects?
  2. Well right now I'm using Epiduo along with ampicillin and its working great, but about a year and a half ago I was using Ziana gel and 6 months into the process I had seen only about 40% of my acne clear up. Although I was advised to stay out sun, I ignored this and began tanning in the highest level tanning bed for summertime. Miraculously, my skin cleared up almost 100% after just two weeks of consistent tanning! I knew this was bad for my skin so I stopped but only 3 weeks after I did I broke
  3. Hello, I have been taking Ampicillin for my acne for the last 9 months and it has reduced it about 80% on its own but it has given me some digestive problems. I have recently started Epiduo and it has completely stopped that 'purging' stage from happening. I've taken doxy and it made my stomach hurt and it didn't do much for me but it might work for you. You might want to ask your dermatologist to switch to another antibiotic like bactrim that won't make your stomach hurt. I guess it all depends
  4. Hello there! I'm 19 and have been struggling with acne since I was 12 also. I had deep cysts on my cheeks as well as regular white heads. It was horrible! Epiduo was given to me right away on my very 1st first visit to a dermatologist 3 years ago and it worked great! Only thing was that I didn't have insurance so I couldn't afford it after my 1st tube, so I tried ALOT of different things along the way like Ziana and Retin-a micro along with many different oral medications. It wasn't until recent