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  1. billz7

    4 Years Post Accutane (Sotret)

    Glad your skins still fantastic ? What bcp does your daughter take ?
  2. BREAKOUTS when's it gonna end ? I'm hoping this is because of my dose being upped 5 days ago. Chin , cheeks, jaw have taken a beaten. Looks shit with make up Scabby and sore Niiiiiccccceeee I'm so hoping that things will clear for good in the next month !!
  3. billz7

    Day 96

    Hi guys, Things have definetly improved , touch wood , my dose was upped a few days ago to 40mg so I will reach my cumulative dose quicker for sure , can't go any higher because I weigh 43.5kg. I currently have 3 scabs and just red marks now , much easier to do make up now and overall it looks better ! Went partying last weekend and got lots of compliments , no one said what has happened to your face ? I don't need compliments and I'm not one to care about things like that but when yo
  4. I'm having a really hard time right now I have broken out so bad in the last few days they I keep breaking down crying , I have eleven actives , my face looks like a pepperoni , I even have random 2 big red spots under my eye lids , my right cheek has exploded , 5 cysts that side sore and scabby ! 3 on my chin 1 on left cheek and 2 on my forehead and sick red marks.. Can someone tell me if this is normal at this stage in treatment ? I was hoping to have a clear skinned Christmas , thi
  5. billz7

    Day 82 Week 12?! Month 3

    My dose was upped on day 50 so 32 days ago , I changed make up around 3 weeks ago , and I'm on time of the month also but can't think of anything else
  6. billz7

    Amazing Progress

    Good for you mate ! Happy for you , when in your treatment did you become clear ?
  7. billz7

    Day 80 Breaking Out

    Noo I haven't , don't think that would do anything really
  8. So I'm totally breaking out ATM ! And they become massive scabs , so sore on my jaw line. I currently have around 5 actives , and then red marks from old pimples. I'm really hoping things start improving , as I'm in week 12 and I thought I would be clear by now. I also failed my driving test 2 days ago. Suckssssss Things suck ATM But I'll try stay positive
  9. billz7

    Day 80 Breaking Out

    Thank you , no your not. I take dianette contraceptive pill and I use epiduo topical gel when I get really bad break outs like now x
  10. How am I still getting painful big red random cysts ??? So pissed off. When will I see the light !!!!
  11. Mines still going on day 75 currently
  12. billz7

    Just Some Motivation - Miracle

    I'm on day 72 and had a breakout the other day ! When did you become clear in your course? May I ask what you weigh? And not to forget well done happy for you !!!
  13. billz7

    Sonrisafingida's Accutane Journey

    Hi hun keep your head up things will get better I'm sure. You still on 20mg? Are you on any birth control And are you still using the istrox cream ???
  14. billz7

    Double Figures Woo! Week 10 Day 70

    Thank you ok I will ! Yes it's so strange isn't it ! Good luck in your treatment how's it going?
  15. Hi guys , Wel things have been PREETY much at a stand still. I'm still breaking out boo hooooo.... I broke out from Friday and it still is lingering around, maybe it's stress I don't know? But I am so thrilled to be in the double figures but I'm losing faith a bit , because my skin can look semi decent sometimes but then boom another breakout. I have taken a few steps to see if it makes a difference, I stopped using my studio fix fluid (MAC) foundation last Monday and replaced i
  16. Hello , I hope someone can give me advice on why this is as im starting to lose faith in dianette , I'm on pack 4 day 4 , and I broke out bad right when I started them again on Tuesday , this happens every month , do not understand this , I thought dianette is ment to help your skin clear !!
  17. billz7

    Month 2 Over. Week 8 Day 60

    What's mufe? Erm I don't wear it every day just the days I'm out , but I have been wearing mac studio fix fluid for a year , it's great coverage and oil free but it has a lot of ingredients in it do I don't want to wear it anymore !
  18. Sooooo just a little update Skin Was looking a lot better last week , family said and the feel of my skin was smooth ! This was my 7 day break though from my contraceptive pill and this seems to happen every month which I am looking to find out why as its tad annoying ! Anyway me being negative but (right) said ohhhh it will b bad again in few days and guess what !!!! It IS BAD again :/ Sucks really , it gives you hope and then crashes that hope away just when you feel better about your
  19. billz7

    Month 2 Over. Week 8 Day 60

    Thank you for that information I'll check it out
  20. billz7


    Mineral powders are too dry for me as I'm on accutane , anyone recommend a great cream or liquid base that's not got bad chemicals ?
  21. billz7

    It Should Have Been Day 86(Day 26 Month 3)

    Hang in there ! Your very PREETY
  22. billz7

    Yasmin Log

    Yes definitely going to stick it out for 6 months before deciding ! Well my skin cleared up on my period as per usual but as soon as I started my fourth pack on Tuesday all hell broke lose , so yeah pack 4 day 4: breakout galore How about you?
  23. billz7

    Month 2 Over. Week 8 Day 60

    Yeah bloody hormones !!! My pills ment to sort that out
  24. billz7

    Dianette/Diane 35 Log

    I can't really afford cover fx at the moment and I'm from uk , is revlon any good ?