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  1. My skin has looked weird and pink for a few years now. Lately ive been getting small pimples on my forehead and temples when i never used to get them there and my hair is thinning. Its started getting worse since ive been using head and shoulders anti dandruff for a few weeks. I also always look very tired, dont know if thats due to allergies but im on immunotherapy for that. My skin just hasnt really looked healthy for a long time and i dont know why? Im also getting pimples on my scalp and som
  2. Bump and how can you know for sure if you have seborric dermatitis?
  3. Some days i wake up and my skin is really oily and i have little painful bumps on my forehead and temples, and theyre either really easy to pop or they just stay as a painful red lump and go away in a few days.. I really dont know whats causing it and i need some help
  4. Im on immunotherapy for my allergies and sinus problems
  5. I was wondering if the cold could have made me flare up, i rarely get colds and this was still happening before i got sick
  6. I dont know whats causing it, but some days my forehead and temples flare up with painful little bumps. I dont really break out anywhere else, but if i do theyll be normal bumps that dont really hurt. The days my forehead and temples flare up, my eyes are more red and my skin is more oily. Ive also noticed my hair is thinning a bit around my temples and hairline. Im 16 as well haha, i got checked for allergies and im on immunotherapy. I also use head and shoulders anti dandruff. Since i started
  7. Thanks both of you, but they dont sell any of those in australia :/ any more suggestions?
  8. Ive been using bulldog for about 2 weeks now, my face is a little red and i was getting a few breakouts, but they calm down really quickly. I think this was due to the fact i had a lot of acne under the skin and it was pulling it all out. All in all, my face looks alot more clear, but still a little irritated. Does this mean bulldog is working? Is 2 weeks enough time for results?
  9. Thanks heaps for the reply, im not able to buy the sensitive bulldog at the moment, however i already have the original one. Should i use original bulldog face wash or nivea sensitive for men?