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  1. Hi All, I am going into my third month of accutane and I would like to report, my experience has been MORE than positive. My skin has not been this clear probably since elementary school (I got my first zit in the 5th grade) and I am now 25! As for side effects of depression, honestly I suffered from depression bouts before the drug and I am much happier now with a renewed since of confidence. I am no longer afraid to walk around without makeup, I feel so much better about my skin. I ha
  2. Hi Akanel, Were you prescribed this by a doctor? That is the ONLY way you should take this medication. This is a daily pill so only twice a week wouldn't make much sense or show any results. Were you prescribed this by a doctor?
  3. Hi All, I'm starting Accutane at the end of the month (on 30 day wait period between pregnancy tests). I'm curious to know whether or not I can use the Regimen while on Accutane and whether or not anyone has used them simutaneously before. If so, I'd like to know your results. Thanks for your help! Christa