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  1. FavreErvaf

    Accutane Hair Loss Recovery Story

    What people don't realize is there is something called telogen effluvium - its a temporary condition in which your body, after a stressful event will shed hair. This can start up to 2-3 months after the "stressful event". Some women get it after child birth, and some people get it after stopping a medication they have been on for a while. Especially if the medication is harsh and the body gets use to it. For me this happened after my 2nd course of accutane, my hair eventually grew back over the
  2. FavreErvaf

    Acne has won

    Well I was saying B12 because studies show that supplementing may make acne worse for some. I do think consistent absorbable zinc chelate does help like 50%. Sad to hear about the accutane though - I'm on my 3rd course now of Absorica. Which is the more absorbable kind with fat right in the capsule. I think my first two courses I didn't take enough of a cumulative dose based on my weight and didnt eat fatty enough meals with my dosages.
  3. FavreErvaf

    Acne has won

    Do you take vitamin B12?
  4. FavreErvaf

    Trying to keep my chin up

    Do you take any vitamins or supplements?
  5. FavreErvaf

    Started Month 5.

    So, it's been a while since I've posted. I started first month 80mg per day. Then the next three months I went up to 100mg per day. Now this month I am at 120mg per day, and will do that next month as well. After this month I will be near my cumulative dose for 1mg/kg body weight. Instead of taking my last month at a lower dose and still hitting my goal cumulative dose, I am going to go aggressive at it and do another month of 120mg/day. It's fine, some people do 1.5mg/kg of weight or even 2mg/k
  6. FavreErvaf

    Introduction/Day 1

    If you don't want to add a lot of volume of food you can eat 2 Tbsp of peanut butter for around 16-18g of fat, some whole milk for another 5-6g. They showed in some studies that 20-25g of fat drastically increases absorption of the generics (amnesteem, sotret, claravis). My derm said he has done 4th and 5th courses for some and they have been fine.
  7. FavreErvaf


    A wonderful drug!
  8. FavreErvaf

    It's a new day.

    Glad it is working, you look pretty !
  9. FavreErvaf

    Day 8?

    Ok, for one STOP trying to pop your pimples. Let the Accutane do the work internally and you realize you are going to make them look worse right? Resist and forget them. You wont have any change in scarring chance then you did before Accutane but the issue is Accutane causes skin cell turnover rate to double which is why it seems like everything is getting pushed out and then drying. So wounds and cuts and picked pimples will take longer to heal while on Accutane, especially once you are further
  10. FavreErvaf

    Day 15

    Okay, so started day 15 today. My lips are definitely dry and my eyes as well. I have to put eye drops in my eyes at least once a day. This isn't helped by the upstate new york cold weather and the heat being on in the car and house. People who live in humid areas may fair better than me in this regards. I use nasal spray and aquaphor on my lips when I'm at home at night. I am noticing less pimple forming now and the pores actually looking smaller as well. My skin is making much less oil. If I d
  11. FavreErvaf

    Introduction/Day 1

    I've taken 2 courses a few years ago (didn't take with enough fat) so my acne has come back a bit. But now I'm on the new more absorica which absorbs better for my 3rd course. Been completely fine on it, just dryness. Check out my blog : ) stick with it, it works wonders
  12. FavreErvaf

    First month on accutane ended!

    Red marks will likely fade, but they take time, just give it time.
  13. FavreErvaf

    Day 8

    Ok so started day 8 today I believe. Today 100% notice a difference in my oil production; that it being way down. I am so oily and always shiny to the point where people ask if I'm sweating. I can wipe my head at work every 15 minutes and I will look oily again. Today its been 7 hours already and my face still looks matte and not shiny. I am going to have to start using facial moisturizer now. I started chapstick and nasal spray already. My hands and knuckles are dry; it doesn't help that I work
  14. FavreErvaf


    Not at all, just the expected extreme dryness. Lotions, eye drops, and nasal sprays and ointments are your best friend.
  15. FavreErvaf


    The first two courses completely cleared my skin, my skin looked great. After first course acne came back after 4 months. After second course it is coming back now after a few years. I don't believe I took it with enough fat. This time it didn't come back as bad, it's stayed away on my chest and back but my face was getting oily and bad again. And after seeing how perfect my skin was on the first two courses it is hard to take.