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  1. So i went to the doctor and am on antibiotics and i wash with an antibacterial soap 2 times a day and tomorrow im getting some kind of prescription gel. Anyway my skin drys out from the soap and i need a good moisturizer. So far my favorite has been the neutregena three step moisturizer bc it has SPF already and it feels pretty good on my skin. I dont think you can buy that seperate though so i need suggestions. Preferably that include SPF. Also it needs to be from walmart and i really need an
  2. Can i use equate classic scent dry skin lotion? With cherry-almond fragrance since i already have it lieing around?
  3. So it's still making me break out maybe is should try something out. Any suggestions?
  4. that seems like it would take too long. i dont have that long in the morning to do that.
  5. so should i add apple cider vinegar to this and how much? i stopped the one cleanser bc i think it was breaking me out. i was thinking of doing this and then an apple cider vinegar and sea salt mask at night. does this sound good?
  6. It's a quarter teaspoon of sea salt and if you want to add ACV then it's a few drops. Have you tried just the green tea and sea salt? How did that go? Maybe even the small amount of ACV is too much for your skin Also - have you ever used that burts bees cleanser before and if so, did you have any reaction/break outs then? Because if you've just started that cleanser at the same time as starting this toner it'll be hard to tell which one is 'causing' the breakout. I don't know anything about th
  7. i used x out before this. ive been using this for 2 weeks or so and was told to use my hands instead of cotton balls. i add acv to bring down the ph. i think it was 1/4 a teaspoon or something. i just use the regular green tea bags. 16 and let them boil.
  8. this is making me break out i dont know why. im using berts bees all natural cleanser followed by this using my hands every morning and before i go to bed. i noticed i was breaking out so i added a sea salt and apple cider vinegar mask for 10 min to help but its about the same. what do i do? ive been drinking green tea citrus by lipton and i dont drink dairy or anything except at school which is low fat chocolate milk and disgusting.
  9. so i think i made mine wrong. i made one batch and it looks like it will last a month or more. i dont know what i did wrong but i have like 400+ml left and i think ive been using it for 2 weeks. i just use 1 cotton ball on my whole face bc if i used more it would drip off. i also use berts bees all natural cleanser and love it but did i make this wrong or what bc yall said itd last a week.
  10. really need to know before tonight so i know if i need to go and get more green tea or not.
  11. is it bad if you leave this out overnight? i accidentally did.
  12. so id have to make it everytime i use it? might as well just buy something then.
  13. i was thinking of making a cleanser with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. how can i go this? id like to make it in a large amount and store it so that i dont have to make it everyday. thanks