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  1. I know how you feel. When your dad is 54 and still gets bad breakouts, you know your screwed. Acctuane is the only choice to clear skin. i dont have insurance, and cant justify 5,000.00 of my saved money for acne. Its gets pretty sad, when you cant look at yourself in the mirror. I always keep it dark in my bathroom, and never look at my face in the mirror. It does help alot. Then you dont think about your face. If you never look its not there. I did the regimen for a month and
  2. This regimen is a nightmare for me. Ever since day one i have gotten more acne. tryed it for a month. Then of course when i go off, i get more during the next week. I got huge pores showing on my nose thanks to all this BP. and of course since i not killing bacteria, im getting 5 tiny pimples on my nose. what a joke. I guess i will try it again.
  3. I had the same feelings. I had terrible acne when i was 14-21. Im 24 now and still have moderate acne. I use to always think about suicide. I probably should have gotten help. But just thinking about it, that i could end my life at even given time, made me feel better. Sounds pretty fucked up. Luckily there were no guns around the house. Acne is a terrible thing to have. I would rather go through cancer therapy, and have perfect skin. People are so evil. Most people think y
  4. ever since i started the regimen. I will get these huge ass whiteheads. Just pop them when washing your face.
  5. no way. I dont think you can even call a few pimples acne. You cant kill every single bacteria, and put enough BP in every pore. If you want perfect skin accutane is the only cure.
  6. Im not working out. Its due to my work. Im a mover and sweat all day long. My major problem is my forehead. i get alot of big red bumps on my upper forehead. I would go on accutane. but i dont think my face is worth 4,000 dollars for a six month cycle.
  7. probably due to the fact the moisturizer is blocking the BP from working properly. LOL.
  8. I cant stand the shit. I sweat all day due to work, and the stuff makes my face feel all slimmy and shiny.
  9. Do you pick them because you want to get rid of the whiteheads, or is it just habit? I cant help it, and i touch my face all day long. However i dont pick my whiteheads. However they usually break when i wash and put bp on my face. I use so much BP i cant see how any P acne's can live on my face. I still get small pimples and whiteheads. Well if you want perfect skin, accutane is probably the only real cure. Dans regimen mite get you clear eventually. But you still will break out once in a wh
  10. get the 2.5 %. it is just as effective as the 10%, and wont make your face on fire.
  11. when do you stop? On my checks and sides of my face. I dab a ton of BP on and within 30 seconds, i get the hard to move my fingers feeling. I keep rubbing and it is just hard and stitky
  12. IM doing everything except the moisturizer. I used it the first day and my forhead had a big explosion. I have never in my life seen this before. It literally exploded in two different spots. you can actually see two small slits. I sweat so much during the day due to work. That im afraid moisturizer combined with sweat with clog my pores.
  13. Im starting to get worried. Im on day 3 of dans regimen. Im getting a few big pimples. And tons of new tiny pimples on my checks. also alot of bumps. Is this common or could this be a sign of an allergic reaction?
  14. my face feels tight. and i have some skin flaking. it use to burn when i was using the 10%. now that i have been using the 2.5% it doesnt burn.
  15. My forehead is the worst for me. that is where all my pimples are. I get a few whiteheads around my chin and nose. I suspose it would make sense, that is where most of sweat comes from. Combine that with hair rubbing, = red bumps. I actually work with my dad moving things. He is 54 and right now has 4 or 5 big red bumps on his forhead,and some smaller ones on his cheaks. It amazes me he still gets the stuff at 54.