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  1. differin worked great for me for like a year and a half then i started breaking out again
  2. i use 8% aha every day and it hasnt irratated my face AT ALL it feels really soft right now actually
  3. well i use retin a micro every nite and i have already been through the initial breakout from it but i mostly have just damn red marks so im hoping the aha will fade those? and my face doesnt get irritated very easily so i use aha during the day and then retin a during the nite.
  4. nooo i dont want to have an initial breakout i cant handle any more
  5. umm its 8% aha thats all i know. what im gonna start doing is use purpose bar as my cleanser twice a day and the the rest of the day i will just use the aha only. do u think thats a good idea or if you have any other suggestions please tell me thanks for your reply.
  6. today i randomly bought some aha moisturizing lotion i was just wondering what exactly it does, how often i apply it and how much?. thank you
  7. ya bp sux made me have red marks for a loooooong time
  8. watever u do dont put bp on it...i would just try some green tea toner that has worked well for me but just DONT put bp on it watever u do
  9. hey where the hell can you buy these home chemical peels at???
  10. im also taking retin a and benzaclin together...the intial break out wasnt that bad for me the retin a is working great. as for the moisturizer i use it morning and night. at night after i put on the moisturizer after i put on the retin a
  11. hey good luck i just started retin a 2 nights ago