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  1. i feel that i need differin to stop future breakout since i scar very easily. Than i can rather deal with my scars and hyperpigmentation instead of the acne . Okay that sounds like a good idea, but just watch that the IB doesn't get so bad that it itself does more damage to your skin than the original acne would have
  2. Not as much as other people seem to say they do, I did notice a little bot of dryness for about a week and my acne tends to dry up quickly but not much dry/flaky skin no, it effects people's skin differently I think
  3. Hey! Glad to see you decided to post those pictures! And can I just say your skin looks great! I'd kill to have it! You don't seem to have broken out badly at all, certainly not when considering you're using Differin so just be weary that it could get much much worse, but your skin looks fine anyway! I'd say your acne is most likely just because of your age, are you sure differin is really necessary?
  4. You couldn't be more right! The PIH is the worst! And I too wanted to post pictures but I think a lot of people, myself including feel that doing so is like admitting that it really is happening to you and also no one likes to look at and be reminded of their acne let alone have the Internet see it! But I admire those who do
  5. Hi Felina welcome! I used a similar product to Dermalogica I think when I first started using Differin and I realised I noticed better improvement from the Differinonce I stopped using it, however whether it's because I stopped using the product I am not sure, but I think it would be best to use nothing but the Differin for now as it can be extremely harsh and irritating
  6. Hi really great to finally hear from someone going through the same thing I had an awful day yesterday, but today I am really pleased with the improvement! My skin looks very good above my jaw! Unbelievably clear and the acne on my jaw is fading quickly, those large pustules are finally healing! It will be 1 month for me on Wednesday so hang in there! I too will be giving Differin three months! Do you mind if I ask what type/severity of acne you had previous to Differin? Really pleased to m
  7. Day 23- getting a little annoyed now tbh; these bumps under my skin don't feel right at all! I can understand getting pimples becasue of how the Dofferin works but these things are just weird! Again there may be a little improvement but the scabs and bleeding are still there from my popping session yesterday, probably set myself back a day or two there which I'm also not pleased about.
  8. Day 22- okay so it started out well, I was seeing loads of improvement! But unfortunately, not 5 minutes ago I had a MAJOR popping session that I am not proud of (there was blood) so now my face looks like a battle field (a red, mountainy one)
  9. Day 21- still lots of very sore and itchy lumps, some under the skin, some have formed heads, the urge to pick and pop has never been higher!
  10. Day 20 addition- can feel my acne has developed into lots of sore 'heads' filled with pus, very tempting to pop but I know I shouldn't l, it's a cruel form of torture
  11. Thanks again GJ, helpful as always! My acne too is quite mild and I hope one day to not need any acne medication at all! Providing of course my acne is related to my hormones which is likely given my age, this should be an achievable goal I think! I will however continue with the Differin for at the very least two months, although I am seeing some improvement and am therefore confident that the Differin will work for me! Thanks for the link it reminded me of the dangers of picking and poppi
  12. Hey, I'm Tom, 19 year old from England! My acne is located only on my jaw, and as mild as it may be it was stubborn! Consisting of mostly small pimples with the occasional painful lump under the skin. It has not moved in 5 years! After trying every antibiotic, countless topicals and the most extravigant home remedies ranging from egg yolk to aspirin to baking soda to lemon juice, I eventually landed at retinoids, specifically Differin .1% One thing that I have always taken comfort in is readin
  13. Hi! :) that's great to here and I'm glad you've seen positive results! Would you say you are happy with the results you've had from Differin? And do you find differin helps get rid of the red marks quicker?
  14. Thanks for posting again Jolly I think we are all hoping that our story will end with clear skin! My acne a long time ago used to be bad and I picked it, the works! But it calmed down a lot and was only mildly on my jaw, but it was/is incredibley stubborn acne and that's what brought me to Differin, and it has exploded since (the IB I'm hoping). This IB consists mainly of the bumps under my skin that stink and are sore, I don't pick these and don't think I could even if I tried!!! All I
  15. Absolutely I agree, I wasn't expecting super results any earlier than 2-3 three months tbh. Can you remember when you first started seeing good results and your skin began to improve? Also do you still use the Differin or can its use be stopped once the acne has gone? (like with a course of antibiotics) As always thanks for your input and story, it is greatly appreciated!