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  1. good advice above! I am about in the same situation. I have had nearly the same experiance, and the derm said I was progressing exactly as she expected. enjoy the accutane!!
  2. I started in the middle of nov. They way you have been describing your skin overall seems very similer to mine, although I thankfully have less oil production it seems, (yet enough to not have very many scars) I am in the same boat with the redness issure though, it is my only complaint (I dont care about 2-3 zits for now) So to combat this I will start today (jan 2nd) To start drinking a ton of water and moisturising every other night after I wash (also every other night) This seems to be the i
  3. So drinking water and moistuising will help redness while on accutane? This is my only complaint right now, so help/comments would be appreiated.
  4. I cant go out in public with moistuiser on though, it makes the redness much more apparent and really shiny. I have cetiphil sensitive skin. It is not ment to be a facial moisturiser, but I searched it and many people suggested it, so I got it. I guess I can put it on at night. (after I do my daily wash at night) about the 40 and 80 mg issue, she said it dose not really matter when you take it, she even said it would be ok to take 2 40 mg at the same time. So said it is the doseage you have in
  5. I have been on Accutane for quite awhile now. Since Nov. 15 I think? So 1.5 months. I'll say now I am very happy. / I started on 40 mg a day, and now I am up to 60mg. (after 1 mo) I really have not even been taking them consistantly, but the last few days I have. My derm said to take 80 mg one day, 40 mg the next. Not likeing the redness though. It is quite bad at times. Any questions?
  6. 4 weeks in, it is working great for me compared to what i have tried. Still a few lingering ones, but no major ones by any means. My only real complant is slight redness and some lasting red spots. i bet in 1.5 months i will be totally clear. I am getting a new batch tonight, upping the dose to 60 mg.
  7. try accutane again. Go on it for longer, and a higher dose. Tell you derm how it is effecting you. Never, ever give up. people don't realize how much life they have left.
  8. I just bought a Sensor Exell (it is great!) and I am wondering how I should go about cleaning it. How do you get all of the hairs off the blade? I have used a towel and wiped them off in a horizontal motion, and blowing on it real hard helps a little. Rinsing it off gets about the same results as above. I don't want to dull my blade with the towel. Is it ok to have some lingering hair on the blade? I find my last stroke to be much more irritating then my first. Ps: could you explain your te
  9. I just got the pills. 30 day supply of 40mg to take in the morning. Maybe I should take them at night, but thats what I will do to start. I will do my daily wash in the morning also. I could switch this later. By the time you respond to this I will have bought: Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser Artificial tears Aquaphor or some other kind of medicated lip balm, most likely spf 15, possibly 2 kinds I have Neosporin (sp?) already I will wait on the humidifier untill I get more "yay or ney"'s
  10. no mulitvitamen when on 'Tane right? The A in it I hear is what makes it a bad idea, makes the side effects worse? Correct me if I am wrong.