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  1. First two weeks I didn't feel many side effects except for really dry lips and skin, but my acne actually got worse when I see my doctor after the second week. I had painful break outs like I never had before and my skin felt irritated when I wash my face but it's starting to get better now that some of the redness is going away and I'm starting my fourth week. I haven't had any nosebleed yet but there are some blood when I sneeze into a tissue, I think it's probably from the dryness that accut
  2. Hi I'm on my third week of accutane and I'm thinking we could take this journey together since I'm pretty new to this accutane med :S I'm 21 and I've had acne for the past few years but I thought it was all part of puberty and didn't care much about it. However it got extremely serious since the beginning of this year, I started having breakouts on both side of my face which I never do, I usually get pimples on my forehead/chin area. I've tried so many facial products but it just got worst I w