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  1. Woohoo! One week, finished! And that "breakout" on my chin is basically gone, just like I thought. My gnarly spots on my left cheek are starting to heal, and my right cheek is basically just scars now. I have something going on on my forehead with one spot, but I think I'm killing it tonight. Everything is back to smooth sailing! Except for a bit of a sunburn I got from the last day of camp... Anywho, I'm also feeling a bit of a confidence boost, too. At camp, one of the guys I know was being
  2. So my right cheek is basically free of active spots, but the scars are definitely still there. My left cheek, however, has decided to give me grief and breakout a tad. I have two spots on my cheek and two on my jaw, but they are monsters. Also, my chin has a few new tiny whiteheads, but those'll probably be gone or nearly gone int he morning. I have some little emerging spots on my nose, and one of those little painful ones right where my nostril meets my face, and that will ideally go away ASAP
  3. I'm more in it for the first amendment right aspect, but I didn't start a political blog
  4. Again, nothing too exciting happening here--except for the fact that my breakouts are all making very good progress! Looks like the choice to pop yesterday was a good one. I only have a few actives now, a few healing ones, and tons of scars. My active are also all under the skin a ways, so they may end up never seeing the light of day if I can treat them carefully enough. I'm heading out today and will be in the neighborhood of ULTA, Walmart, and Target. I'm going to have to replenish all of
  5. Not much to report today. I felt a bit naseated this morning, but it could have been because I'm not used to waking up at 5:30 in the mornings during summer and I'd gotten little sleep the last couple nights, too. But it also could have been the doxycycline. I don't know. I feel like I'm trying to find side effects that aren't there. I'm under a significant amount of stress now, which is a bit of a change from the earlier part of my summer. I'm realizing that I'm already behind on summer work
  6. Happy Monday. That was sarcastic. So this week I'm volunteering as a camp counselor from 7am to 2pm every day. It's entirely outdoors and I'm directly in the sun basically the entire time. It's at a horse ranch, so it's safe to say that my entire body is coated with a nice layer of dirt by the time I get home. This raises the question: to wash my face, or not to wash it? I know you should really only wash your face twice a day, morning and night. I totally get that because my skin would pr
  7. That's an intensive regimen! I only wish I had the opportunity to be so kind to my face, haha, but I'm always running around busy. And I haven't had any nausea yet, only some dizziness. I'll stick it out a bit longer.
  8. Thank you, haha. I have yet to be referred to a dermatologist, since my family doctor has certain steps that she takes before referring people for acne-related treatments. I do know that if the doxycycline doesn't work in a couple months, I'm pretty sure she said the next step would be epiduo or retin-a.
  9. Well, I hate to say it, but my right cheek isn't looking to great. I have several little active whiteheads and a blackhead--which is odd, because I never used to get blackheads. On the bright side, the left side of my face is looking much better, save one random pimple that decided to appear sometime yesterday evening. The Neutrogena All-In-One Acne Control Facial Treatment... ...has proven quite effective at reducing the look of dark marks, but mainly the ones that are more recent. It
  10. Hey, thanks for clicking on my blog. So I won't waste time. I'm Emily. I'm a 17-year-old girl from Southern California. I've had acne since I was 11, but it wasn't very bad until I was 14 or 15. Since then, it's been a downward spiral. I've tried everything from the drugstore. All sorts of salycilic acid products and some benzoyl peroxide products. Nothing was really working. In the meantime, I was shoving makeup down my pores. I was washing my face every morning and evening, and I applied
  11. Hey, I'm kind of freaking out here. I went to my family doctor a few days ago and she prescribed me a topical acne treatment that was 5% benzoyl peroxide and also was an antibiotic. It sounded great, but I found out at the pharmacy that my insurance won't cover it and it was near $300 for a little tube. I wasn't having that, so we called up the doctor again and she prescribed me doxycycline instead. I googled it and am now freaking out. Some of my relatives are prone to adverse reactions to a
  12. Ahhh okay, I think I'll go for it then. I'm not too keen on using two moisturizers and I usually want a higher SPF than 15 because I'm in the sun a lot. My skin reacts very well to my Neutrogena sunblock, plus it has a semi-matte finish, so even though my skin is oily, it's usually fine with both the sunblock and moisturizer.
  13. I'm going to be starting The Regimen soon. Since there's still no SPF product to buy from here, I need to find one! I want to use the moisturizer from this site, but I also want SPF, so here's my question: Could I do The Regimen as instructed, then, at the end, add some of my Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock (SPF 55, non-comedogenic, oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance free)? Would it help if I added jojoba oil to it? I guess I'm just wondering if it's bad to apply an SFP-free moisturizer and the
  14. Some pictures of before I start (: