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  1. I have been using the vinegar method for about 2-3 weeks now and have had NO cysts at-all. I used to get cystic acne so know what it's like. I have had no problems with acne since staring the vinegar
  2. Hey, yeah, I have read that combining asprin and vinegar works for acne. If you look on this link: http://frugalliving.about.com/library/blvinpers.htm and scroll down you will see that this one lady swears by using asprin for acne treatment. It explains how to mix it etc. with water and vinegar.
  3. It's hard to know how to advise... in my opinion the vinegar method is really to help out with scarring rather than active acne... as it exfoliates your skin. I guess I don't see it as acne treatment... I still use other topicals for keeping my skin clear of acne. However on the vinegar thread many have said it has brought out more pimples etc which could be the vinegar drawing out stuff. Personally I have had no more pimples than usual, and I have been using the vinegar 2 times a day for the pa
  4. mmm.... I had burning from the BP when I started but that went after 4 or 5 days... and then I started using Neutrogena Moisturiser and it really irritated my skin and it looked and felt awful. I wasn't prepared to wait weeks for that to settle so got another moisturiser by Garnier Synergie called Vitamin Radiance (it has AHAs too)... I noticed a difference immediately and that's what I have kept with. It works but it is gentle on your face. I guess you can wait it out on what you use at the
  5. Hey! Just to say I have been using the vinegar method ever since Maya first posted it and I have not had any significant breakouts... just the odd spot. I used to get awful cystic acne, huge ones in groups of 4 or more... but I have been clear for a few weeks now and the vinegar hasn't irritated my face in any way... my face is just looking clearer. SO, I guess it is different for everyone and it is good to get the good and the bad side of things out... but at the same time.. if vinegar is worki
  6. I couldn't see your pictures for some reason.. but anyway not sure how severe your acne is but I have to tell you that the BP regimen DID work for me. I have had acne FOR YEARS (I am 29) and awful severe cystic acne; so bad that it hurt just to touch my face let alone wash it. I started the regimen and went through the crappy dry skin phase, the red burning skin phase, and another bad breakout, but then... CLEAR SKIN. It has been about 3 months since I started it, less than that even, and my ski
  7. ABBY =D> ! your face looks GREAT! that's such an amazing improvement and I am SO happy for you! It's hard to tell you do you have any marks left on your face at-all? Or is it completely clear of traces of acne?
  8. DAY... um...9 or 10 ! Ooops! Anyway, I have not taken a picture for a few days and have just been carrying on with the Vitamin K cream and the vinegar and just getting on with my life. I have willed myself not to think about my skin all the time... I am sure that if I think a spot is coming it appears! And I have just washed my face and...it's looking good! I still have marks visible but they ARE less visible. They are easier to conceal with make-up than before too. I put my foundation on
  9. MaryTheres- I have been using the vinegar since Maya first posted about it! I think I started the 3rd May or something like that! So that's been nearly 3 weeks now. I started with the Malt and for the past 10 days or so I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar. I have shallow scarring and LOTS of red marks. I am also using A Vitamin K cream... so not sure what's doing what but my face is so smooth and looking REALLY healthy! Still got visible marks but they are FAR easier to conceal! There's de
  10. Bubbavic... I personally NEVER rinse the vinegar off, morning or night. I find that I don't smell of it either! I just put moisturiser on after about 15 mins and then make-up and off I go. As for the lemon thing... I am CLEAR at the moment too after using BP for the last few months... i don't drink the water and lemon yet. i have been increasing the water intake though. I just hate the stuff! But my point is that I am not drinking the water/lemon part but I am using the vinegar and my face
  11. you are right there! I have had 2 kids and my skin was perfect PERFECT during those pregnancies... unfortunately my hubby isn't wanting a 3rd (and a 4th and a 5th...)
  12. JoeBlow.. I don't know whether I should laugh at what you wrote as I am not sure if that actually happened to you or if it's just a 'for example' thing ... but I have to say that WAS funny... just the way you wrote that made me laugh out loud! I do know what you all mean about being embarrassed but seeing that for most of us our acne or scars or marks DO show on our faces, then in my mind us going to the acne aisle is no real surprise to anyone. If we are all brave enough to walk out in publ
  13. =D> that's such great news! I remember holding my head up for the first time walking down the street... it's a good feeling. I am so pleased for you that your skin has cleared up!
  14. Alex- You made some really good points. As someone who is a christian and does believe in God I have found myself questioning things on many occasions. It's really hard to explain why there is suffering in the world without going into the Bible and explaining the original 'fall' of man (Adam and Eve) and why suffering even entered the world in the first place. And though I am willing to show that to you from the Bible this probably isn't the time and the place, and you most likely don't want to