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  1. Turmeric is great but there are different types of Turmeric. The one you should be using for your face is "Kasturi Turmeric" or "Kasturi Manjal". It is a cosmetic turmeric used on babies. The other types of Turmeric used for cooking are too harsh for the face. They stain your skin and leave it yellow. But cosmetic turmeric will not! It is quite difficult to find kasturi turmeric in my city, so I ordered it on amazon. However, in other cities check out the Indian stores.
  2. I used evening primrose oil topically awhile back. I had some fresh acne marks and in two days it had reduced the redness by half. As far as working on active acne, I didn't notice much of a difference. Although, I didn't use it for very long!!
  3. Hi! So, if I take it and I already have higher testosterone and am not deficient in it, it won't have much of an impact? I take mint and green tea also :)
  4. Hey! So, few months ago I got a blood test done and it turns out I have high androgens and I'm a female btw. Although I have been able to control most of my acne, I am noticing a lot more facial hair. I know genetically I am predisposed to having facial hair (middle eastern background) but its becoming unbearable! After doing tons of research I have decided on taking Saw palmetto to lower my excess androgens and possibly help with acne and facial hair. I bought the Now foods brand but I didn't k
  5. I've been taking wheatgrass juice for over a week now. Now, I know people are gonna say that's not long enough of a time to see any real improvement, but hey it's working for me! First off, for all the skeptics out there, wheatgrass juice is an amazing all-natural healer. It heals your acne from the inside out, provides an alkaline environment so that bacteria cannot thrive, and increases red blood cells so oxygen can flow throughout the body to supply different organs the proper nutrients and
  6. Applying a clay mask everyday will dry out your skin causing it to produce more oil and possibly more pimples. Once I left the clay mask on a few pimples over night and it burned my skin leaving bigger scabs. So, it is pretty powerful stuff. Once or twice a week would be okay more than that it could have some negative effects. If your skin is very oily make sure to use a toner without alcohol. Look into using an apple cider vinegar toner. It has taken away most of my oil and prevented new pimpl
  7. Yes, I apply mine at night because I feel that our skin renews itself at night by forming new skin cells so when I wash the ACV in the morning I see a difference. If that makes sense. Lol and I just do 50% each and dab it on with my hands instead of rubbing. After that I apply lavender oil and jojoba oil as my moisturizer. Yeah for sure. You probably would get faster results if you applied it twice a day!
  8. Oh Lawd forgive me but damn in the past couple of years I have spent i would say hundreds to thousands of dollars on my acne. From drugstore products to dermatologists to expensive salon facials to online scams and everything in between. It's disgusting.
  9. any product you use you have to give it at least a month to see if it works or not. I've used mine for about a week and it is definitely fading but a couple of more weeks will be even better! it's all about establishing a routine!!
  10. Oh okay that makes sense! Then sure that will be fine. Since you are not using it 100% anyway I guess you don't have to worry about it darkening in the sun. As far as the scarring goes it shouldn't affect it in the sense that it's going to make it worse. If anything it will help it. It will lighten the redness.
  11. A little burning is normal. Do you have active breakouts? If you do then most likely the ACV is probably killing all the bacteria lol. Just stick with it. Apply it at night because during the day if you go out in the sun with it on it will actually darken your marks. You can maybe dilute it more next time 75% water and 25% ACV. You have to find the right amount for YOUR skin. Some people have really sensitive skin whereas others can put it straight on without any burning.
  12. A lot of people on this site have successfully lightened and/or gotten rid of their (PIH) post inflammatory hyperpigmentation by topically using apple cider vinegar as well as internally taking it. I've started using an apple cider vinegar toner this past week and have noticed a big difference. My acne marks are very similar to yours and they are fading quite well with topical application (50% ACV and 50% water). On top of this, I have been using lavender essential oil and jojoba oil to moisturi
  13. I only ever break out on my cheeks. I think for me it was due to cosmetics. I used to wear a shitload of makeup when I was younger lol and never knew how to take it off properly. As I grew older, it all just accumulated on my cheeks. Going to the dermatologist for me was THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. I had mild acne and in a month's time it was SEVERE. She gave me the harshest shit (10% BP, Sulfur, and Retin-A) which made my skin purge terribly. I had to discontinue.) So, now I just stick to