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  1. Thanks maritimu12, Good luck with your journey too! I only have ONE month till school which is right around my start date so lucky me :/ lol oh well though! BodyandSoul, Thank you for the advice! I've already started talking with my family counselor about the process and am having tons of support from my family and lots of Hope! I'm trying not to let all the negative feedback i've seen and the side effects effect my nerves too much about this Lots Of Luck to ALL!!
  2. Hi I'm set to take my first pregnancy test on Monday and dreading this month of waiting before I can start accutane also. I was looking into stuff I should buy and I was wondering if you were thinking about buying some vitamins? I heard some things about vitamin E and since you and I are close together in starting this process I was just curious about your thoughts I plan to follow your blog to compare progress and hopefully we can get through this successfully!! GOOD LUCK!
  3. Anticipating this miracle drug! Need Monday to come FAST!!

    1. The Before, and the future... Prepare for the GOOD, the BAD,and the UGLY!
    2. HEY! I was just offered Accutane yesterday from my dermatoligist and let me tell you! those side effects! WOW! lol scary but im definently gonna do it. i was on bactrim about 2 months ago for 4 weeks and developed severe allerigic reactions to it so accutane is my last resort to clear skin! haha i actually just started my accutane blog just minutes before seeing this! GOOD LUCK with the bactrim hope it works as amazing as it did for me for u and hopefully ur not allergic to it like me!!
    3. Hi i'm Yasmeenah. I'm 16 and have had moderate/severe acne since i was beginning the 5th grade!! I've tried it all.. proactive(Boo! D:<), all of the clearasil ultra products, neutrogena, acnefree, benzoyl peroxide products prescribed to me, cetaphil (which actually worked excellently for the first month then stopped), everything in my local drugstore, and some generic store brands... all of these products cleared a couple of my big red bumps but they only worked for the first couple of weeks