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  1. I have the same thing! I just tried going to an esthetician (sp) today to have them extracted, which she did and my face was flat for about 10 hours. They are back now! I don't get it....I didn't use my moisturizer before they came back...so I'm still trying to figure it out....
  2. So last night I was so distraught with my face (I've had a bad blackhead/mila breakout due to too much scrubing and irritating my skin. ) that I skipped my normal nightly dose of Epiduo and instead went old school. By old school, I mean what I did before seeing a dermatologist and getting on my topicals and pills. Anyways, I use Proactive's sulfur mask stuff as spot treatments on every single spot on my face...every one. I am so glad my house didn't catch on fire or anything in the night, bec
  3. i do the same thing. Everytime my skin seems a little bit more clear, I get hung up on one little problem because I have in my head that one day my skin will be perfect again and I'm impatient for that day to be today. What ends up usually happening though is that I overattaack that one thing and then my face rebels against me. I'm not sure if that's what happens normally, but that's me. Anyways, what I've started doing now is keeping pictures, and everytime I think my skin is bad one day, i ref
  4. Thank you so much for your post. If you're rating your acne as a 10, I cannot imagine what your ordeal has been like and I understand the need to try everything. You exude confidence and aptitude. I have no advice for you...I would rate mine currently as a 4 maybe, which is as bad as it's ever been, and I have tried natural after natural after natural product...I'm ready for whatever works at this point. I think sulfer seems to have the most affect on mine as well. Have you really noticed pool w
  5. Thanks londoncat. I did NOT know it would take 2 weeks to recover..sheesh. I didn't think it would solve anything longterm...I just wanted flat skin for the next week or so. I'm praying that the epiduo and dapzone and spiro work longterm...
  6. I just started epiduo at night about a month ago....and I have tiny milium all over right now....as well as blackheads that all just developed about a week ago. Was yours about 3 weeks in? That's when mine started....let's hope it is just an initial breakout. I can't take much more of this.
  7. Hello all! I decided to start this blog because I am CONSTANTLY on my computer always googling the latest thing that I have heard/read/thought about acne and how to control it or get rid of it. I thought it would be helpful to other people too if I gave all of my information about what I’ve found and tried, as well as a more emotional aspect to having acne. I have found very little people actually like to open up to how acne affects their day to day life, but I know that I’m not alone, and you a