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  1. So, I'm one happy chappette... can tell you now that I have stopped taking all my vitamins, started eating dairy again (om nom nom), and my skin is clear! woop woop! I get the obligatory spot or two around about the same time each month when I stop taking my pill, so I guess that's hormone related, but apart from that it's improved so much. Loads of my family and friends have noticed that my skin looks a lot better I'm not red at all now iv'e switched and been using Dan's BP for a while now
  2. nikkihinton

    Regime Log

    My log from the regime.
  3. Hello again, I have been a bit lazy with updating this. So it turns out 2.5% full dosage is not the same as 5% half dosage. maybe the formulas have changed, maybe the fact that i went from cream to gel, maybe the fact that my cream was probably a bit old....but when I started using the 2.5% gel it was a nightmare! I had to essentially start from square 1. RED AGAIN. and SO peely. Bonus though is that my skin has cleared again, had a mini break out (also coincided with a HUGE plate of super ch
  4. So week 3. Pictures will go in my gallery some point today or tomorrow when I get a chance. I got my jojoba oil in the post. PERFECT. does the job. flakiness issue gone. To be fair it was mildly resolving itself, but the jojoba oil got rid of it completely after 2 days of use. The best bit about the jojoba oil- I now only have to moisturise once during the day- no more multiple trips to the bathroom to stick my face back on...gross. I'm using 3 "drops" (place bottle on palm, tip upside-down,
  5. I found some 2.5% on amazon yesterday eve... maybe you just have to order online/ from abroad now. Otherwise the lady I spoke to in the chemist says the only other things they have jump up to 4%
  6. Hi Everyone, WARNING- LONG FIRST POST! I am fairly new to the site, and once I had started reading round I thought I should give the regime a go. I had been prescribed benzoyl peroxide before by my doctors, but gave up when it made my skin so dry! especially using soap before hand as suggested! I recently went back to see if they had invented a new miracle cure. sadly not. I genuinely cried when I came out the doctors as I felt hopeless, and it just wasn't FAIR. Once I got a grip and stopped