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  1. ok so this may sound really gross. and call me crazy. but i dont care. take a cotton ball or toliet paper and pee on it..thats right ..piss on it and put it on your face..and use it like a toner and dab it on your face..im not kidding it works!!! it helps zits clear up big time. you can think its "sick" but i dont care. cuz my face has been BAD latley and i did this about 20 minutes ago and already i can see my zits going down. there is stuff in urine that really help. also i dont know if any of
  2. Ok i guess my acne is mild or moderate but i want to go on accutane. its so annoying. its getting worse and worse. i want to be able to have more control over my skin. i wanna go on a very low doeage and i dont even know if i will be able to but i have a cupple questions...? is it bad to go in tanning beds?.if so ..is it ok to use self tanner... what other effects does it have on skin...like does it make scars and stuff more ovious and what other side effect should i expect on accutane ( physic
  3. K so i just got back from my local health store and i bought a bunch of organic snacks and natural hand made soaps etc. i also bought This tea that is a "body purifier" and its suppose to help cleanse your kidney and liver( alot of people have mentioned liver cleaning helps acne) ) on the box it says "Yogi Tea" healing formula , Detox...i guess thats the brand idunno lol..anyways has anybody ever had good results with their skin with detoxicating teas??? does it really work? and its safe and ev
  4. its funny cuz my skin looks really clear now but whenever i go in a tanning bed or booth i can see like scars from every zit i ever had.that i thought wre LLOONG gone! and scars i didnt even know i had. lol i like to tan but that is the WORST lighting in the world. my skin looks perfect in redular light but when im in there it looks like crap i mean CRAP. ..anyways this is a really stupid post i know but anybody feel the same?.? ok bye
  5. k i use conclear on my face and dab zits or whatever with it. then i dust powder over it. no matter what i do it never looks right. like i think i look perfect and fine then i get into REAL light and there are these BIG orange blobs on my face from wear i put the conclear. wtf?? i do it the way your "suppose to" but i always end up looking like a freak( so oviously somethings not right..) ... can someone give me tips on how to use conclear and conceal zits and red marks with out looking like a f
  6. ok im a recovering junk food addict. its soo hard but i try to avoid that stuff as much as possiable. like instead of eating a bag of chips i'll eat a bag of chex mix. i dont know if this food is any better for acne ..heres some foods i acturlly like to and it THINK their healthy...oviously their better than eating a bag of choclate..but are they ok for my skin? and breakouts? just tell me whats ok and whats not ok for skin salad with randch dressing Chex Mix Watermelon cantolope Ritz crackers
  7. why do people think the only reason to be on a diet is because your "fat" i think america is obsessed with the thought of "obesity" and its really annoying when i try to watch what i eat and i say no i dont want mcdonolds...i mean i do...but i probley shouldnt..... their like "ohh are you on a diet? hunny dont worry ur not gonna get fat!"and they say i just want attention. its like diet effects lots of other than your weight! im not doing it to loose weight.( im really skinny, so thats not
  8. like when u read the ingredients on food what are the "bad" ingredients im looking for? and what is a bad amount if it says 15 g is that too much?
  9. ya i know. when i first started using it i had maybe 5 or 6 zits at the most! and while i was using it i thot it was great! now i must have like 20 zits on my face if not more plus i can feel build up under my skin and i have zits under my zits..uck!!! i cant belive i use to obsess about 3 little pimples i look at pictures from 10th grade ( almost 2 years ago) my skin looked soooo good. it was perfect. people use to tell me how beautiful my skin was. but i still did break out so i started using
  10. yeah i just wanna say proactiv sux! back like a year and a half ago when i was 16 ( i just turned 18 now) I had almost perfect skin. i would never almost wear make up and people use to comment to me on how great my skin looked. i mean i still would break out ( in random places)like my nose.. and i had mild acne and it was really annoying ~my mom ordered proactiv for her self and i would use it all the time to. while i was using it i NEVER broke out worse and it kept my acne under control thenn
  11. are cherrios or howver you spell it ( the cerial) ok to eat for acne?. cuz i need to eat something i like for breakfeast. is it ok to eat them?. if no what is a good cerial to eat that wont cause acne? ( i know milk is bad, but i would use just a LITTLE skim milk..)
  12. ok is green tea REALLY good for acne.? i mean it still has SOME caffine in it (even decaf) and caffine is Bad for your skin. Like i drink like 5 cups of green tea a day. and i dont know why but i feel like its gonna make things worse...idunno.. im at a phase where i feel guitly about EVERY single thing i put in my mouth cuz i feel like itz gonna trigger more break outs...any body get clear skin while drinking this stuff?
  13. Oki saw these vitimens at the store the other day that was mostly zinc and a few other ingridents ..i was thinking of trying that.. does it really work.? some ppl say that zinc can make acne worse, and some people said its almost like accutane...idunno...does it work??... or am i better of taking a multi-vitimen ( sorry i cant spell) lol. please respond