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  1. LAST DAY OF ACCUTANE!! This is it! Tonight I took my last two Accutane pills! So thrilled to be completing this phase of my journey! I feel confident that I will no longer be incessantly plagued by this issue and I'm looking forward to complete healing as my scarring continues to fade. The hyperpigmentation and scarring is significant but I do believe the majority will fade with time. Please visit my blog for a complete update and pictures from Day 1 and pictures from Today! http://sk
  2. Beginning of Month 6 Progress Pics I'm working on my FINAL MONTH of Accutane! I'm very very pleased with the results and I think I will continue to improve. I have not experienced anything new as far as side effects go. I still struggle some with insomnia and my lips are definitely worse for wear. Lanolin for lips is the best though. Otherwise, I'm feeling good and feeling GREAT sans acne! I still occaisonally have a small breakout and there is plenty of hyperpigmentation and redness, but i
  3. Hi Friends! I know I have been out of the loop for a long while, but I've been so happy with my progress, I didn't want to dwell. I've been keeping all of you in my thoughts and wishing you success in your own journeys to become acne free Here's an update on me. End of Month 4 Progress Pics Today I had my LAST dermatologist appointment! I'm wrapping up Month 5 and I begin Month 6 pills in about a week, and then it will all be over! I did have several breakouts at the beginning of Mon
  4. Sorry, friends, that I have not been around. I think of you all quite often and hope you're all seeing healing and feeling good! Month 3 Recap Month 3 was my best yet! Skin: Breakouts really started diminishing. Only a few actives this month. Did not see much change in the hyperpigmentation. Face is often very red, but overall quite smooth. Fair amount of clogged pores Side Effects: Eyes became dry and irritated enough that I've basically stopped wearing contacts and only wear my glas
  5. Day 88 Month 3, Week 12 Last week I had my Dermatologist appt and I'm now just about done with Month 3! My cholesterol had stabilized this month, only dropping a few points, but not increasing, so that was good news. Triglycerides were creeping up, though still normal, so I better start being more diligant with my fish oil (I have been slacking the last couple of weeks!) My skin is breaking out much much less now, which of course is awesome. I still break out and I have a lot of hyperpigm
  6. Thank you...I do see the improvement too and I'm happy about it. I still feel like I have a long ways to go! Day 78 Month 3, Week 11 Skin - I do have a few small actives right now and some other spots that are healing, plus one little jerk on my neck. The hyperpigmentation looks like acne to the untrained eye, however my face is soooo much smoother compared to pre-Accutane. I haven't been obsessing as much lately or constantly checking for new bumps...which is probably why I haven't be
  7. Thanks, Becca!!!! Lip zits do suck! I still have a very tiny one there, but thank god, the honker is gone. Your bacteria idea is a good one. I have some scarring and hyperpigmentation, too. It has gotten a little bit better though. I'm majorly hoping that the red-face and flushing goes away, cause that has been weird on accutane. Do you get that??? Some days my face is definitely beet-red, other days it looks much more "normal" except for all the hyperpigmentation. I am sure it will go awa
  8. Hi Gina! I've been trying not to obsess over my skin so much so I think that's why I've slowed down on the forum I did a brief update today with pics. Your skin looks great! I hate lip zits...I think mine has something to do with the cracks in my lips, maybe more bacteria is getting in there, I dunno. My dermatologist also told me at my last appt that she'd prescribe me Retin-A post accutane. I didn't ask a lot of questions about it since I still have a ways to go, but it was disappo
  9. Day 74 Month 3, Week 10 I am breaking out significantly less now and the bumps are much smaller...typically whiteheads that aren't too inflamed. My skin looks and feels pretty smooth, but it's very red (the good ol' accutane "burn"). Lots of hyperpigmentation but I think that will fade in time. I'm sure some of it already has. Still having some back and joint pain. My lips are very dry and I still have that big crack in one corner of my mouth. But otherwise, side effects are pretty minima
  10. The joint pain is not Awful (except for that back pain the other night...but the next morning it was much better).... and it only seems to be in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning so I think it could be the stiffness. I walk a lot with my dog, but I'd also like to take up yoga. Woah are my eyes hurting this afternoon! I'm going to have to start bringing my contact case and glasses...I don't think I can go all day anymore, especially staring at a monitor most of the da
  11. they are the worst!!! i have 2 of them..twins..one on left side one on right side..on top lip near the "points" of my lips..they are so frkn bothersome..looks like i did some weird lipstick job..ugh..they've been here for like a week..they have gone down but red as ever ...so annoying!!! Me toooo!! I think the cracks in the corner of my mouth are creating a little breeding ground for bacteria and keeping those little jerks from healing.
  12. I like removing my eye makeup with jojoba or sweet almond too, although sometimes I find that it leaves my eye with a little film over it. I don't like that. I almost got suckered into a Clarisonic too, and now after reading your post, I'm really glad I didn't. I thought it sounded so great and luxurious, but how can it possibly be any better than gently exfoliating with a soft washcloth? I just saw this sweet potato recipe that I want to try: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-braised-coc
  13. Hey Lisa! I HATE lip zits...I have had a few of those and big ones right next to the cracks in the corners of my mouth. They heal so slowly and hurt like hell! Hope yours heals quickly!
  14. You're almost done! That's awesome! I feel confident with your success that you won't relapse even if you don't do 6 months. I'm sure whatever your dermatologists instructs will be the right thing for you I do know that fish oil helps triglycerides. I can't believe how lucky I got when my Dr accidentally put my in the iPledge system as "not able to get pregnant"...it was a mistake and I of course still do the test every month, but it means I don't have to do the questions. I hate hea
  15. So happy you are clear and almonst done with accutane! I hope you get your toes sorted out soon...that must be so painful and difficult to deal with. Glad to hear the last ingrown is gone!