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  1. That's funny. I used to use the same brand. I felt like it was working pretty good for my skin at first, but later changed my mind about it. Yeah, I'd say give the mask one more shot just to be sure. These days I only use raw honey as a facial wash (occasionally leaving on for 5-10 minutes ) and then wash it off. I think honey is pretty moisturizing for the skin itself, so sometimes I don't use anything afterwards, but if I feel like I need to I use a light lotion or a few drops of some pure
  2. I haven't heard of it causing breakouts, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't. I've been using raw honey almost everyday for the last 2 months (maybe a little longer )and it hasn't caused me to break out or anything. But as we know, everyone's skin reacts differently to things. What kind moisturizer are you using? Have you been using that same kind before you tried the honey mask?