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  1. Its not quite a cyst yet but its a bump on my nose, i'v had this bump several times and it always turns into this big red cyst.. my mom says heat it so it comes out faster and goes away quicker, but the sticky says use ice to get rid of it. I would like some info based on acutal experince not just what the sticky says..
  2. This has happend to me three times already and it lasts it least a month or two. Right now its just starting and i know what its going to turn into if i dont get the right help fast.. Right now it appears to be just a little red bump, not medium sized like normal acne... But what it turns into is this big, above average size looking pimple. its always red... My mom thinks their cysts so thats why i posted in this thread category Any help? feel free to ask questions if i didnt give