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  1. I have persistent redness on my cheeks since years now. I sometimes get breakouts as well so I thought it was acne, now I don’t get as many breakouts but the redness is still there. I went to my GP, thinking it was rosacea. She asked if I get dandruff too, I said yes. She then said it’s seborrhaemic dermatitis then and prescribed me clotrimazole cream to use twice a day. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now but there hasn’t been much improvement in the redness. Any ideas on what else would be
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. I had used Differin cream 0.1 for months without any noticeable improvement. Now I've switched to Differin gel 0.1 and clindamycin lotion, will see how I get on. I asked my GP for the 0.3 gel but he told me there's only 0.1 version available!!!
  3. Hi, Which version of differin have people found to be more effective in clearing the skin: the gel versio0n or the cream version? Thanks
  4. Hi, I've been using Differin Cream (0.1) as well as zineryt lotion for at least 3 months now, but I'm still breaking out. Would changing to 0.3 gel version be more effective? I'd really appreciate any comments from people. Thanks