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  1. Okay thanks Ichance23! Ill get some tomorrow and try it!
  2. Hey, did you ever go on Flutamide? I am starting it and wondered what your experience of it was!
  3. Hi! Your sister must be so happy! At least you know if it worked for her it might for you? and you have someone to talk to about it which is good! Yes, Dianette was the one i was prescribed.. I'm just concerned that i'll find the cure then have to come off it.. I really hate being a girl sometimes..I'd love to just have one pill a day that solves everything..sigh. How are you getting on now? is it kicking in now? Glad to hear your acne has cleared up so well! Sorry to hear about the rash though
  4. Hey Guys, Hope you all had a good Christmas! I went back to my derm and she said if i don't need BC I may as well look into other things.. since i posted i am about 70% clear ( I know, fast right ) BUT come out in a scaly very very itchy rash over my neck and face and hands, without changing anything else so I am thinking it's an allergic reaction? I have been itching ever since i took it but just fort of dismissed it but it has been getting more and more scary and I didn't want to take my chanc
  5. I AM EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOU!! All my hormone levels are normal and I am currently having relative sucess with spiro. (Although mt totally clear I've only been on it for three months) My derm told me I am sensitive to androgens not some sort of imbalance. and no-one in my family has even a flaw of their skin let alone acne. Even my cousin who has PCOS and is severely overweight.. Unfair much?! I have done some reaserch on this and apparently stress is a h I AM EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOU!!
  6. Hi guys, so basically I have been on Spiro for 3 months with about a 30% reduction in facial acne. I have also been using the regimen for just over a month. I am still breaking out regularly and I know I have to be patient but I don't know what to do! I don't eat wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar or soy (and haven't for about 8mths) so any connection with nutrition is dismissed. I have an appointment with my derm tomorrow with some blood results back, which I doubt will show anything. Basicall
  7. Hiya, can I just ask, did you ever get acne on your forehead? You look amazing by the way. I'm so jealous!
  8. Hey! I started on 50 and had been bumped up to 200 over the next two weeks, that was three months ago. Although I see some improvement in the lower half of my face (still nowhere near clear, they do seem to go away a hell of a lot faster) my forehead is the worst its ever been. I also started Dans regimen about two months ago so that should be working.. aghhhh. Was supposed to see my derm today to talk about going on a Birth control but they changed my time and didn't tell me so I ended up missi
  9. Hey! I have been on Spiro for two months now too, I've also had some pretty bad breakouts (in unusual places AND normal places too ugh) doesn't seem to be doing anything yet.. Shoul we wait and see? Has anything different happened since you posted here?
  10. Honestly I am in completly the same situation as you, I eat MAJOUR healthy, take the right supplements etc and still nothing is working. I'm from the UK too I bought some of the regimen Things from shops (Cetaphil cleansers etched) but I ended up ordering dans BP from eBay. I love it its massive and worth it for the £20 I paid for it. But I completely understand its so hard watching your friends not have to think ab
  11. So I have been on Spiro (Spironolactone) for just over two months, using the regimen for two weeks with Dan's BP (Love it) and Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser. I haven't eaten Wheat, Dairy, Sugar, Soya or Gluten for four months an yet my skin keeps going in circles. Ill think it getting better about a week to two weeks after my period then ill break out (again, ugh) in different places than previous breakouts while places I have Hyper pigmentation will stay bumpy and keep breaking out on top
  12. Hi Guys, So I've posted a couple of times but never actually introduced myself and I though i should amd explain my situation and see if I could get any help.. So basically I have had acne for about 5 or 6 years, when my (very late) periods started, I am 20 almost 21 now, but that acne was only ever two to six spots on my forehead at any one time. THEN about a year ago i started breaking out on my chin/jawline area before and during my period and continued breaking out on my forehead. I h
  13. Hi all, So I went to my doctor today and sked if I could be put on Spiro after reading so many good reviews about it on here and other places, she basically laughed at me ad said no chance in hell. BUT I NEED IT! I know that the US get it prescibed and thingsbut I was just wondering if anyone knew of any wy of getting it in the UK? or a safe/secure place to get it online I found this place but I'm not sure.. http://www.inhousedrugstore.biz/p-493-spirotone-25-spironolactone.aspx
  14. Hi All, So basically my story is that I have never had AWFUL skin. Never got a spot until I was 16 (I know, don't hate me.. it gets worse don't worry) and until about 5 months ago i had about 4-5 spots on my face at any one time. But then, I went to Uganda for Two months and my face went CRAZY. literally so bad. I went t othe doctors when I got home and he basically said that it was the anti-malaria meds I was on that caused it. But after three weeks of not being on them, my face was the
  15. Hi Guys, So basically My skin has never been really bad, I get breakouts on my forehead and around my mouth and jawline but never more than maybe 5/6 on my face at any one time. But, I came out to Africa (Uganda) 8 weeks ago and my face immediately got a lot worse, i had a sudden beakout pretty much everywhere except my cheeks and it was very inflamed. Then I had a bed reaction to my anti-malarial medication (Malerone) so I was put on Doxycycline.. My skin cleared up really well in about a week.