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  1. Day 185 Well, I have about five more days of pills to go, but I'm effectively done. I'll still wait until then for the final monthly update. Red marks look a LOT better than they did on day 136. It's been over a year since my face has been doing this well.
  2. Day 176 Dont think threre's anything new in terms of acne. Might move on to my red mark healing regimen very soon.
  3. Day 171 I'm very behind on pills, but as far as days go, I'm 95% done today! (Weird how 171/180 = .95.) Red marks are still progressing. Had a clogged pore the other day, hopefully that's not an omen.
  4. Day 159 | 5.3 months Alright, into the home stretch now, month six. Here's a long overdue recap of month five: - Began the month with 1-2 actives, and they stayed for the majority of the month; they're now gone. Currently have 0-1 active. - Side effects didn't get much worse, which surprised me; I thought they would given the dry wintry weather. In fact, I haven't gotten any of those red, rashy areas at all recently - More snail-pace progress with the red marks, but they really are be
  5. Day 145 Over 80% done at this point. I haven't been updating as much lately because there simply isn't much to say; I still have a couple minor, lingering actives and my share of PIH. It's more or less a broken record at this point. I will say that I've been peeling a lot around the mouth the past few days.
  6. Day 142 Haven't had an active since my last post, I think. The remaining stuff hasn't quite gone away.
  7. Keep going; you want to reach your total cumulative dose to reduce the chances of it coming back.
  8. Yep, Accutane removes blackheads, they'll come up. Don't use those strip things, I'm pretty sure that's too rough on your skin while on tane. Don't try to remove them; if you have a blackhead exodus like I did, it's ok to gently wipe away what has come up and is protruding from your skin.
  9. Basically, it's uncertain but possible. Regardless, given that you grew three inches from age 15 onwards (which is slightly above average), I'd say it wasn't Accutane but rather luck of the genetic draw.
  10. Day 136 My old phone finally petered out, got a new one... oh man, the photos do not flatter. This is an unfortunate view of things. Attaching pics just so it isn't a shocker next time I do a pic update.
  11. Accutane indeed does not directly improve hyperpigmentation or scarring, sorry to say it. I've heard a few anecdotes of people going on Retin-A or other topical retinoids while on Accutane to improve PIH/shallow scars, but it's rare, and some people say it's ineffective and will only cause irritation. More commonly, people go on topical retinoids after their course is complete. You could do that, or you could try the at home remedies such as manuka honey, ACV, etc. P.S. we can't see those pic
  12. Day 135 Slowing catching up on pills. No new actives, and my cheeks look fairly good today. There is a tiiny bit of activity on the right side of my face, but it's pretty scarce. Still just waiting on this bump between my eyebrows and the spot on my left side; they've been pretty stubborn, about three weeks now.
  13. Day 134 I'm quite a few pills behind; life has been hectic and I was asleep for about 16 hours yesterday, heheh. Nothing new to report, which is a mostly good thing.
  14. Day 129 Been pretty sick the past few days . Well, things are looking pretty good (relatively speaking), but those two stubborn lesions from a couple weeks ago still haven't gone away.
  15. I feel you about acne going from moderate to severe, that happened for me when I was 16, a little over a year ago. Accutane should treat you well; there are lots of complete logs of people with similar skin who had a lot of success with it. Hopefully, by taking Accutane, you'll be able to mitigate scarring as well, which is one of the reasons I began taking it. For pictures, you can upload them directly from your computer by pressing "Choose Files" and selecting them. There's an icon of a tre