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  1. I found a great way to cover up my acne scars using just one product. However, you could use 2 if you'd like to add a primer that'll make sure your makeup wont slip and slide everywhere especially in the summer time! So I use Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation for oily/combo skin. Its super full coverage but still looks natural! The formula is specifically for people with sensitive and oily skin which is perfect for us who have just that! Its super long lasting but if you want it to last even lo
  2. Hi everybody! Thanks to this website I was able to kill off all of my acne and ever since then I have never had a break out ever again (except for the occasional random pimple) I was 18 at the time and I didnt have a credit card so I couldnt buy the products for the Regimen online and I had to use whatever I could get my hands on at the local drugstores. I looked for similar products and they worked amazingly!!! Im so thankful I found this website! Also, the moisturizer I had started to use actu