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  1. i've been using retin a + hydroquinone, and turmeric every now and then. i also have a clarisonic now, and it's fading really fast now! http://i.imgur.com/nmv2p1L.jpg
  2. thanks! is there a reason why i should only use clarisonic at night? the few times i used it, i used it in the morning so that i felt good for school lol.
  3. I'll be so much happier. My skin has improved SO much the past couple of months. This is a relatively new spot (about a month old), and I really want to get rid of it quickly, as I have spring break soon. http://imgur.com/6XJLAoz it's in the middle of my forehead. it doesn't look too bad in this picture (also, I know my hair is messed up), but in real life, depending on the lighting, it can look pretty terrible. I've been using 4% hydroquinone on it for a few weeks now. I used 40% lactic
  4. I ended up picking a really small pimple last Saturday night (so it's been a week exactly). It scabbed up, scab fell off. And now it looks like crap; http://imgur.com/QWDWaWC,CoGAtQU it's in the exact center of my forehead. what should i do to blend it back in? how long will it take approximately? ugh i feel so bad for doing this...my skin was literally almost perfect and now i've messed it up....
  5. I actually ended up buying 40% lactic acid, and I used it once a few nights ago. it reduced my marks so much, I'm surprised! I can't wait for another month to see if they're gone completely!
  6. yeah, trust me, I've had SO many problems in that area between my eyes...for months and months. old marks fade pretty fast for me there, but they'd be replaced by new ones :/ but it's pretty clear now.
  7. scabs only take a few days to heal? if you're worried about the mark left behind, those go away fast too so don't worry.
  8. I just bought the 40% LA Peel from MUAC, and I'm really hoping I can see results. Does anyone think I will benefit from this? I haven't had any bad acne (ever) really, except for a brief period from October to November this year...probably because of stress. My skin is pretty smooth, i just want to get rid of these hideous spots from picking. I have one huge spot on my forehead that is a few months old, and I would really like to fade it with this peel. Also, my nose has two really unattracti
  9. thanks everyone! I have a 25% mandelic acid peel sample around my house so I'll just use that... I'm too scared to use anything else. and lemon juice actually seems to be working really well. I've used it 4 days in a row now,& I already see a difference. since I'm scared of ruining my forehead, I'm just going to continue lemon juice for a month and see, and I'll use mandelic on my nose.
  10. I really want to clear my skin up for Spring Break which is in March. I have a huge dark line spot on my forehead. I've had this for about 3-4 months now. I have two really ugly spots on my nose. One of them is more than a month old, but the one closer to the bottom middle is new(a few days old). How can I get rid of these fast? I'm using Lemon juice on my forehead, and i've done that about 4 times this week. There are 3 images in this link, scroll through them: http://imgur.com/gc4aj,3zNV
  11. those look like they will fade by themselves in a few months...maybe longer. just be patient!
  12. thanks. it did scab over and fall off, now it's just bright red. it'll probably turn dark brown after another 5 months i guess. http://i45.tinypic.com/2cwv31v.jpg
  13. i seriously hate myself for doing this. I had a blackhead..or something, and i kinda squeezed it out. It was realllly red all of yesterday and now, first day of winter break, it looks like this: http://i47.tinypic.com/2i9nqzm.jpg What should i do? I have a vacation in a week and I really don't even want to go now.
  14. i've been using aczone for 2 weeks now...is it supposed to help fade dark marks? or just the breakouts?
  15. Hello, I know this is kind of a gross, up close picture. But I really need some help. I have a vacation in about 3 weeks, and while I know my face will not be clear by then, at least I can help it look better. The only problem that's really bugging me is my forehead. I have a bunch of little purple marks, which are about a month or so old. I'm not sure what I should use to help them fade. warning, this picture really is kind of graphic..so: http://i49.tinypic.com/2i6gt3.jpg