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  1. Vanbelle, that was such an enlightening post! I never thought about that and if I now look at my skin (well, due to some issues I only use Jojoba oil and black tea as a toner) it is just so calm, very differnt to when I used any cleanser before. Thank you! =)
  2. Looking in a mirror in my room (no matter if just in front of the window or bit further away) - makes my skin look quiet decent. I always hope thats what people see. My bathroom light is just perfect, every morning as I wake up I look into my mirror and am just like "Thank god it has gotten so much better" (a confidence which fades as I look at my face in daylight..). And of course standing right in front of the mirror is always the worst and if you then step one foot behind - it still looks wor
  3. With couperose you really should stay with a very gentle skin routine - in my opinion. Everything that is just too aggressiv is just going to damage your skin layer. I am not sure about the BHA though. But I would stay away from AHA. Have you ever tried a clay mask? I would think that it is not as aggressiv as i.e. scrubs. It just wonderfully get rid of the stuff in your pores but at the same time is very drying - you might wanna use it with some oil. Like Jojoba oil. Some people btw say that
  4. Thanks! Thats actually what I meant - a derm. For me they are just all doctors. Sorry for the confusion Would still love to hear some advice - and of course hear that this can absolutely not be rosacea and is just very irritated skin.
  5. I decided to buy the cleansing fluid, the hydration fluid and the spray by LRP Toleriane. Not only is it recommended for treating rosacea, but also should I just stop hoping that my fragranted serum would stop burning my skin. Even if it is not rosacea I am still doing the best thing for my skin (because if it is rosacea - oh dear reindeer look at those pictures!) Man alive, could this actually be the reason I always feel like a woman in her menopause?
  6. I am the queen of all blushing and flushing women I thought about rosacea but since the topic didnt occur at my most recent visit at the doctor (well, 'recent' as in 'a few months ago') - I just guessed he would have known. I will have a look into this, thank you! That would explain why my skin reacts so bad to anything with perfume in it. Mh I might really need to look into a complete new skin care routine if this is the case (well actually I know my serum isnt that great for my skin - but I
  7. thank you , I always feel like people are staring at me thinking "ugh. how aweful skin" (i hate makeup.. and i like to just leave it at home). Jojoba oil makes my skin really itchy and I red that dehydrated skin need more hydration instead of moisture - that is why I do not use a regular moisturizer and stopped the Jojoba oil (because it has enough oil). I used Jojoba for a long period of time but except for a moisturizing effect I could only notice it settling into my pores making them appear l
  8. Hey acne.org - Community I am new, so first: Hello! =) I red a lot on this site for probably the last year but I never got an account. Changing now But I hope I dont break any official or unofficial rules, so if I do - tell me =) My acne was always present, and I would always call it moderate, at least I hope! Please dont tell me it is more than moderate *scared* But I am so unsure what exactly it is and I always try to self-diagnose me with pictures of others people skin problem and stuff b