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  1. i have the puffy eyelid i dont put any product anywhere near my eyes either... i have concluded that the regimen product (wet or dry--- i wait till mine is dry to go to sleep) gets on our pillow cases and while we toss in our sleep it gets into our eyes somehow =\ im gonna start not using anything when i go to bed on my face.. im thinking about even washing my hair before i go to sleep cause this one swollen eyelid makes me look so werid its embarrassing to go out ugh good luck to us
  2. i have a problem with my right eyelid which is also the side i sleep on the most... but i think its due to BP that comes off my face and then when i move around it somehow goes into my eye =\ idk.. but its frustrating because i look funny its not red and its not itchy, just swollen oh, i forgot to mention, i have decided today to not sleep with any kind of products on my hair or on my face so that i dont get it on my pillows and onto my eye.. although the irritation might take a while for i
  3. when i first started using the regimen, my right eyelid got swollen.. i also noticed my eye area was super dry and a bit scaley.. my other eye was fine though.. i kinda go back and forth with the regimen because it really dries out my skin and im extremely unpatient to wait for my skin to get used to it.. i have days where i use alot of the BP and other days where i just barely use it.. but i have noticed that when i have tried going to the full recommended amount.. my eyelid gets swollen again