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  1. Day 107 Yikes time really flew by... I'm all clear and smooth now but the scarring I have is still healing around the jawline. I hope it fades to a great extent but if not, well then at least I don't have any pimples! I stepped my dose up from 40mg to 60mg after day 90 and all I noticed was my lips got drier for a few days but no breakouts or anything. I have about 2600mg to finish up but we'll see where I stand in another 2 months. It takes time but this stuff truly works! The change is q
  2. The thing is that no one really knows when or even if someone is going to get an IB. It's different for everyone. Mine was on day 18, some people may take months... it all depends what you have under your skin I suppose. After my IB I noticed a pattern of breakouts about every 1.5 weeks that got progressively better and better and right now at about 110 days i'm all clear and just waiting for all the marks to fade the best they can. Don't get discouraged if you get a bad IB, just remember that y
  3. Dude my IB was pretty bad like this and it happened on the same exact day as you. Day 18 was the day I woke up and just had acne everywhere. From what I've heard it's caused by the accutane shrinking the oil glands and it causes everything to come to the surface. If you had a lot of stuff waiting underneath then it hits you hard. A month later though and I've improved so much so don't get discouraged and keep taking your pills! I think most derms will give you some emergency topicals and anti-bi
  4. Ok Day 48 I havn't got any new acne for about 2-3 days now but right before that I had another mini-breakout, nothing horrible like my initial breakout but definitely noticeable. Now that all the redness and irritation is disappearing I'm starting to see where the scars are gonna be. It might seem a bit unorthodox but I've actually been using neosporin to help with the healing and help prevent scarring. I definitely notice that it helps with the healing time but I guess we'll see. I try not to
  5. Stay strong! It's only temporary. I know what you are feeling and it sucks but it's totally worth it later on.
  6. It's still really early in your course! Most people might take months to clear up but everyone is different in how they respond. Just have faith and look towards the future!
  7. It most likely won't affect your accutane course but all the other inherent issues with smoking such as lung cancer etc. will always be there. I'm not all too sure whether those risks are increased by being on accutane but just keep in mind that your body is generally more fatigued so it would be good to try and stay as healthy as possible.
  8. From what I gather, the cummulative dose over the course of your treatment is more important than the daily dose. They have done studies with low dose accutane for 5 months (10/20mg) vs. normal/higher doses and both of them got rid of acne just as well. One thing though, the low dose group had less or milder side effects but they also had a greater number of patients start getting acne again after a while off the drug... while the higher dosed patients stayed clear long-term even when off. 30mg
  9. My initital breakout was around day 18. I know how bad it feels. I had to go to work every day at a grocery store and let people see me like that. It was tough. I just wanted to stay home and hide in bed. It's just something that has to happen before you can get better. Stay strong and don't get discouraged!
  10. Yea I mean it works different for everyone but that's the general trend. I don't want to have my mind set that I'm done breaking out this early in the course cause then I'll be disappointed if it happens. I think it depends a lot on the severity as well. I've seen some people use accutane with small amounts of acne and not even cystic and a lot of them don't get an initial breakout and after month 1 for the most part it's all downhill. I guess if you have more acne to begin with it's just more t
  11. Well it's so much better compared to my initial breakout. That was legit hell =( I went on accutane cause I knew my acne was pretty bad already and yet it made it like 10 times worse out of nowhere! It was kinda discouraging and I hated when people saw me like that. A coworker literally asked me "dude what happened to your face?" and I was like fml. Now I have a 3 day weekend to relax and let my face to keep healing and hopefully I'll be looking a lot better for school monday! Although I will s
  12. So I'm on day 38 and approaching 1600mg so far. For about the past week all my major acne has simply been healing up. I had a random breakout on my forehead but they went away pretty fast. In the morning when I wake up and check my face in the mirror it feels a lot better only getting a few tiny tiny whiteheads instead of the cystic kind of my past. I'm the clearest I've been in months. I only pray that the improvement continues everyday...Previously I mentioned that all the blackheads from my
  13. I'm also a weightlifter and I've noticed that my strength/size progress is nowhere near as good as prior to accutane. Like you, I have a decreased appetite so it makes it really hard to eat the calories I need. I've lost a lot of weight. Normally I would be upset but I've reasoned that this is only temporary and a small price to pay for a clear face.
  14. Ok so I've been on for 30 days @40mg/day and here is everything I noticed so far: - All my blackheads are gone on my nose. They just kinda like pushed out on their own and never came back. - All my new acne is contained to the area around my jawline. - Around day 18 I think I got my initial breakout because boy was it BAD. I just woke up and was covered in new acne everywhere. I was working in a grocery store so it was pretty tough having to interact with so many people on a daily basis with my