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  1. I actually started on a really low dose for the first month (20mg). I started clearing up right away, but the 2nd month I started taking 60 which did make me break out a bit. If ya take it easy, I wouldn't worry about a huge breakout - I was really nervous about it too.
  2. What up everyone. It's been about 5 months since I have visited this site to research a bit on Accutane before I decided to hop on it. Previously, I had tried a ton of antibiotics and topicals, but nothing really fixed my problem completely. Anyways - these are the results after about 5 months of 40-80mg doses. (kindof a broad range, i'm a bit forgetful) The only complaints so far have been very dry skin at first, and persisting dry lips and nose. As well as being sore as fuck all the t