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  1. Day 7: I really expected to have at least some sort of breakout within this week because I have been consistently staying up until 4 am each night, but the BP seems to be working well. I do not have any new pimples, but the red marks seem to be going slowely, but thats alright, as long as i dont get any more active acne. The only thing that I noticed last night were these tiny little skin colored bumps on my cheeks, probably 3 spread out, minute but i was curious, because I use purpose face wa
  2. Okay I am on Dan's reg. But i think the day before I started, I was up late like i am now, and i was watching the murad infommercial. I had never seen this product before and it seemed promising, so i ordered it out of stupidity. It keeps saying that they do not use BP saying it is wayyy too drying. Well yes it is drying, but they also say that this leads to more and more breakouts, well first of all if this is true, then no one would have success on dans reg, which is not the case. But an
  3. Yes there actually is. Okay I am a girl and I have just recently as of like 2 years ago recieved dark circles. There not that bad, but without makeup they definately do not look good. So last year I spent a LOT of money wasted on products that promised solutions. None of them worked until this year. I was on drugstore.com and was looking for something that could help. I ended up ordering Estee Lauder's Uncircle Eye treatment for darkcircles because I couldnt find it in any department store
  4. Day 6: well last night was new years as yall know, and my face was peeling a lot. I didnt really care tho so i just went out, and last night when i took my makeup off my skin was really dry, so i did the reg as usual and then like an hour later i applied another layer of moisturizer, and it seems to have worked well. My skin was supple when i went to bed, and less dry when i woke up. ANyways, my skin is completely clear right now, I havent had any breakouts while on this reg. But I am just w
  5. I was just wondering if anyone here has seen major sucess with the regimine durring the first week. And if so, what happened? Anyone completely clear within one week?
  6. Day 5: well I didnt go to bed last night until 430 and i just woke up now at 2. I have a tiny tiny pimple on my chin that is not even noticable without touching it, but i dont think thta its going to be big enough to come to a head, so hopefully the bp will take care of it. otherwise everything else is clear and all good. Red marks are fading slowly. Hopefully I will be fully clear within the next week and I can start getting rid of the red marks.
  7. Christmas day I woke up and I had two healing pimples above my lips and then one big one coming in to the left of my face, on the front of my cheek. I put on my makeup and headed to my grandparents house 30 minutes away, I told my parents I would meet them there because I had a headache, yea right. Right before I was arriving I looked in the miror to find that all 3 of my pimples had turned white, highlighting them, I guess it happened from them drying. So anyways I a tried fixing them with p
  8. Yea, I have very minor acne, and being on dan's reg for 5 days i currently am clear, but i still feel the urge to want to sit in front of the miror, make myself comfy and start picking. Now i have been using this method since august, and just the past month I have really realized that the picking needs to stop. It was about two months ago and I had a few very very minor blackheads on my forehead (like 2) that wouldnt have been noticable if i wouldve never examined my face. Well I had a speech
  9. Haha forever.. last year in the dorms I would leave it on all night all the time, but then again I didnt break out at all last year. This year I have very light acne, but it was worse in the beg of the semester... but recently I leave it on for a hour or a lil longer every other day.. I dont think it is doing any harm but i just wanted to ask.
  10. Try dan's reg for a few months first. Seems like a lot of people had moderate to severe acne and are clearing up fine. At least if she does the accutane, shes still young enough that she lives at home so you can monitor her behavior, and if you notice her being depressed take her off. Good luck!
  11. Well what about Brittney Spears? Now shes on the Proactive website claiming that she uses it, but I was looking in a mag just yesterday of her walking by the paperatzi and they took a pic of her and the whole side of her face up to her temple was covered in pimples that were covered by makeup and a hat. She wears a hat all the time so you know there is more under there. Its just funny how they say oh this really worked for me, but it really didnt, you really know that all they want is money,
  12. Does anyone know if leaving a mask on like, Aveeno's Clear Complexion Cleansing Mask with .5% Salicylic acid too long would do anything bad. I always leave it on for like an hour or so while doing things around the house, and i was wondering if this could be causing more breakouts? Just wondering if anyone knew becuase the recommended time to leave it on is 5 minutes... thanks
  13. I have been trying to post my picuteres for days. I go to the message boards, my controls, my album, upload pictures, and then i browse and find a pic and then enter it, and then it takes FOREVER to get to the next page and when it does its always a blank screen.. my computer isnt usually slow so i dont think its that. Does anyone know if im doing something wrong, or if its something else? thanks
  14. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that first of all ur acne isnt that bad, and second of all you are really really attractive so you shouldnt worry about it that much. Have you tried dan's reg? I am on it right now with light acne and its day 4 and i havent gotten ne thing new, and am currently cleared up (for the moment), but thats just a sugestion. I feel like maybe people are overlooking the solution, and it just might be something simple like Dan's reg. Anyways, ur looking great!