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  1. The key to doing it, literally, is to just do it. I ate 300g of carbs a day before I started this a year ago. I think you can do it too
  2. uh guys my acne is clear after two years of struggle why is no one jumping on this like crazy
  3. guys I just wanted to post an update on how things are going. so far I successfully got through the peak of die and off any my acne and digestion are consistently getting better. will keep you updated. this will work if paleo did not.
  4. did your acne get worse or stagnate the first couple days of paleo?
  5. yeah the SIBO thing is super restrictive. currently I think I have hopefully past the die off peak as i never get cysts and got some shortly after I started, like when I went paleo, and they have been taking awhile to heal, just like when I went paleo. I was constipated but sorry for the TMI, today felt great I finally shit a healthy poop. we'll see what happens from here. question for everyone When you went paleo, did your acne get worse at first or stagnate and heal slowly?
  6. I guess it depends on your body but you should take in a little carbs via green beans and carrots I think. If you ate really carb heavy before your die off will suck so giving your body a little carbs will help, and I've even heard candida can feed of ketones but I've always wondered if that is true. (ketones are produced when you eat little carbs and switch to a different metabolic state, specifically, fat burning) I dont fux w/ berries currently. yeah the depression is probably die off, I ac
  7. I LOVE KALE I eat it at least thrice a week. Good to see FODMAPS is working for someone else too. My body has been treating me differently later and I CAN THINK SO MUCH BETTER NOW THAT I DROPPED CHEESE. Snacking on paleo is hard so just a couple weeks ago I was eating like 3-4 oz of cheddar cheese (aged) a day. Plus too much fruit (blueberries and bananas). Paleo led me to eating tons of onions for "gut health" via prebiotics as well as garlic since I liked it. I have been having burps lately
  8. mfw when I've been studying human biology for over two years and you are making bold statements my friend..
  9. this is the result of two years of hard work. I've been through hell finding what works for me but I believe I am finally here Aright so I've given you guys my story quite a few times now so here's the tl;dr TL:DR I Fed my carb addiction left over from pre paleo through fruit and starchy tubers without noticing how bad it was, think about how much fruit and sweet potatoes you eat a day if on paleo. probably over 100g of carbs per day via fructose and sweet potatoes. Thats fine with a
  10. I am now trying paleo, and also avoiding fructose. http://theprimalparent.com/2012/03/31/ibs-depression-skin-fructose-malabsorption/ Statistically if you are of european descent this is a very like problem. cutting out all fruits plus onions and green beans. i'll keep you guys updated on what happens. My acne has been very exacerbated the past two weeks, and coincidentally I recently added fruit back to my diet after quitting it, and I eat a steady supply of onions. these contaion furcto-olligi
  11. hahah no I really am strict with my paleo. I only drink water and plenty of it. I have recently taken to eating brazil and macadamias so we weill see what those do. I also felt like guacamole was causing me problems so i cut that out (it was from whole foods so the only ingredients were avocados peppers lime juice salt etc. My daily diet looks like this Wake up take 50 bil probiotic Eat protein, probably chicken or pork with a banana, eat a little butter, eat some coconut oil, take some olive