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  1. Please help me, I did a very stupid thing today. Let me explain, I am currently taking 60mg daily and on day 71 (month 3) through out the whole course, not once I had dry skin, ( just dry lips) but this current week I got fed up and tired of my active pimples and all the scarring so I decided to use all of the topical creams my old derma gave me before I started accutane. (Retin-A, Duac, Clindamycin Phosphate) and for a couple a days it was fine, but now all of my face is very tight and dry, Its
  2. Hi. I have acne scars (not sure if what they're called but they are NOT the type of scars are are dented into the skin leaving a hole.. I have mild acne and am just about to start my 3rd month in about 3 days, (60mg/day). So far all you're about to see are scars/hyper pigmentation none of this is active. anyway I wanted to know how long it usually takes for these acne scars to fade away and is it possible that hyper-pigmentation/discoloration can be permanent? Again these are not scars dented in
  3. just wondering, if anyone is experiencing this or knows why i am still breaking out on my face but 100% clear on my back (just scars) now Im not complaining about being clear on back, i love it, but why am i still breaking out in my face? Even though at the start of my treatment my back was wayyyyy worse than my face but i am still getting 1-2 pimples /week on my face, will i ever clear up?? also i still lotss of blackheads Also I am 120lbs on 60mg daily
  4. If you're still breaking out and are still oily by month six, I would be concerned... Ask your doctor, acctuane works for the majority, but not everyone.. Maybe a higher dose will help? I'm on day 19 and I noticed that only the very first week of taking it my skin was EXTREMELY oily, and the next couple of weeks up to now Its not dry but not oily, so neutral I guess? How bad are your "breakouts" you said you're having?
  5. Hey I'm having the same issue with my blackheads, I am on my 19th day of Acctuane and I've noticed that all my blackheads on my nose have appeared significantly darker and more noticeable, and it also seems like I have way more... It looks dreadful I'm wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing? I guess this is what the posters above me were talking about (blackheads coming to the surface) I just started using Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser on my nose only, and the Biore strips on my