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  1. Yeah, this combo is what i'm mostly curious about! SA + GA + BP does seem a bit excessive now that i've written it all out. I think I'll try out doing this once a day, and something more gentler in the morning like Cetaphil cleanser + Pure witch hazel toner + the Image BP lotion + moisturizer. I've tried jojoba/emu/argan but they all break me out I do use jojoba on my lips and body daily though. My face pretty much never tolerates any kind of added oil!
  2. Thanks. I was wondering, why do you recommend cutting the zinc down? I also eat 1 Siggi's or Chobani plain yogurt daily, and I have a small juiced apple and carrot in the afternoons when I exercise. I'll definitely try to increase my calcium, though, I don't think I reach the RDI most days.
  3. Hello! Im a 22 Y.O. Female, and I used to be an avid lurker on these forums when I had pretty moderate cystic acne a few years back. I tried many things... Dan's regimen, 10% BP, detoxes, oil cleanse, facials, aspirin masks, EPO/birth control, but none of that worked. I finally found something that has cleared my skin completely, but ever since I began experimenting with treatments, the amount of oil I produce is EXTREME. I have to blot about once an hour or my face looks like i've been sweati