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  1. Update: Acne goes away as long as BP is being applied... but many months later, I can't get rid of the redness. Is BP just not for my skin? It works like magic for acne but the redness just makes my skin look even more ugly. Advice needed...
  2. I started using the regimen 2.5 months ago and my skin started clearing up so quicky. But, it came with a price. REDNESS! I never have drying/flaking issues. That isn't an issue. It's the redness that causes a rollercoaster. Here's what happens: Day 1: I have acne so I start the regimen Day 7: Skin clears up nicely, but is RED, so I lower BP dosage Day 10: Skin is no longer red but now has ACNE! Day 13: Start regimen again And this rollercoaster happens non-stop. I get acne, regim
  3. I avoid both the sun & AHA. It could be the offbeat schedule, I've gone down that road a few times. I still think it has something to do with the dosage or my skin not adjusting to BP. Any other advice would be appreciated )
  4. I'm in Week 4 and just about all of my acne is gone. This stuff works brilliantly! I've tried everything out there, nothing comes close. The problem? REDNESS. And it is random. Some days my skin is super red, other days it is somewhat red, and on rare occasions there is little/no redness. I can only assume 2 things: 1) Too much dosage 2) Skin still hasn't adjusted to BP According to Dan most of the redness should've been gone by now, mine is random. Somedays I look great and other da
  5. I can't tell if this is acne, cold sore, or a blister of some kind. It is under my lower lip on the right. The rest of my skin has been clearing up so nicely since I've been on the regimen (in week 3 now), but this little thing came out of nowhere. I'm not sure if it's acne or something else and if I should apply the regimen to this area (I have no other acne here)... Please help, tell me what the heck this is?