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  1. Day 19-23: (I can't upload any pictures right now, my phone is acting weird, but I'll try to soon). Since day 20, my skin started becoming worse, new acne has developed and current acne looks darker
  2. Day 9-18 (I missed quite a few dates ) Well up to day 13 I've only been noticing the SLIGHTEST (and I mean slightest) improvement on my right cheek, however my left cheek seems like it is looking a BIT better, it's probably just in my head though, there hasn't really been any improvement, but it's not got worse eighter. My left side developed the acne sooner than my right. <-- This is during the summer These are some pictures I took on day 15 as part of my weekly pictures: Right c
  3. Day 8: I'm not sure if this was there before, but since I started Accutane, I've been paying closer attention to my skin, I realized I have some scars, not sure if they are new though. My skin looks a little worse in the morning but throughout the day starts looking better. I exfoliated today, VERY lightly with sugar and my face wash, it was too tempting. EDIT: This will be the only time I exfoliate throughout my Accutane journey, after exfoliating I read that I should not exfoliate while
  4. By the end of day 7 (Week 1) my skin starting looking good again. THESE 2 PICS ARE BEFORE I PUT MY MOISTURIZER ON SO THEY LOOK GROSS! Weekly picture:
  5. Thanks!! Hehe Any more advice would be greatly appreciated. Ok so I missed a couple of days Day 5 and 6: Not much changes, my skin was starting to become better (but I am writing this in the morning of Day 7 (Week 1) and my skin is starting to become worse, not in terms of new acne but I am noticing some scars from a couple of new pimples I got a few days ago (from eating chocolate I believe) I have yet to experience an initial breakout. But day 5 and 6 I surprisingly already started seeing so
  6. Day 4: Few changes, if any at all. My skin does burn if I put the face wash on for more than 2 minutes though (I daydream sometimes while cleansing my face )
  7. Day 3: I decided I want to shave...(for the first time since I started Accutane) and it was painful. I forgot to use my moisturizer today, In the morning I completely forgot that I'm on Accutane and I guess I rubbed my hands too hard when cleansing my face using my face wash, resulting in some bleeding in some pimples. I also noticed one my scars has become deeper.
  8. I would thank God this time, getting clear was not easy this time around haha! (If I do get clear)
  9. Thank you!! Day 2: Face was becoming kind of red in the morning and my skin has definitely become oilier than usual. Got a few new pimples but it's minor, I actually miss seeing these normal pimples, all my older ones didn't look natural for some reason. Not to mention, my skin is finally changing, I was tired of seeing the same thing in the mirror every time. I'd obviously want it to get clear though, not worse.
  10. Before Accutane: I started Accutane yesterday, hopefully I'll be able to deliver good news somewhere through this journey.. Day 1: No changes whatsoever in my skin I did change my face wash though, I also started using a moisturizer, but I don't really see any changes in my skin (as expected)
  11. http://www.ratemds.com/ Check the website out, it shows ratings of the best doctors in your location, it is great! Good luck